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Big Reasons Why Ajeva’s Dental Financing Can Help Your Business

Dental procedures are important, but they can also be prohibitively expensive to people facing tight financial constraints. If insurance doesn’t help and a patient needs a procedure, they can feel trapped and even attempt to skip appointments in order to avoid the bad news. By offering payment options through Ajeva LLC dental finance companies, you can recude the amount of stress on your patients and make sure they get the treatment they need.

How Dental Financing Works

Dental financing through Ajeva is not unlike a credit card or a loan, but the terms tend to be very agreeable to patients. Payment options typically range from between six and 24 months, giving people the chance to budget appropriately for a dental procedure that might otherwise put them in a financial hole. When you think dental financing might be a good option for one of your patients, you can have them enroll right in your office. Because Ajeva doesn’t rely on FICO credit scores to determine credit worthiness, even those who have had trouble with financing in other areas in the past can apply. Overall, about 75% of patients will be accepted, allowing them to get the important dental treatment they need.

How Financing Helps Your Office

On the business side of things, dental financing options allow you to provide more flexible ways of dealing with high bills for procedures. This means that a patient who might balk at paying a bill of several thousand dollars can break that payment up into multiple smaller chunks, allowing them to see where it fits in with their budget. This also frees some treatment constraints on you, as you don’t need to worry as much about whether a patient might be able to afford a procedure. Using Ajeva, you can provide the quote for a procedure and put expected payment installations next to it. This means that you can recommend the procedures your patients need without feeling boxed in by price constraints.

How Financing Helps Your Patients

Ajeva’s payment options combine flexibility, affordability, and convenience. Patients can apply instantly and get a decision within seconds. This takes away the waiting game and allows them to start making financial decisions regarding their treatment right in the dental office. Payments can vary in the exact term and length, but generally provide a variety of different options so patients can make decisions based on what is in their best interests six months from now, a year from now, or two years from now. Interest rates stay lower than most loans and credit cards, giving patients an affordable way to pay off the debt, even if they have had credit difficulties in the past.

Ajeva provides everything you need for a win-win situation that applies to both your practice and your patients. Affordable dental financing makes visits easier for patients while giving dentists more flexibility in the types of treatment they offer. Cost should not be a barrier to good dental health, and using the right financing option helps make sure that everybody can have a healthy smile.

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