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Can Cannabis Use Really Help Reduce the Frequency of Seizures?

With millions in the United States suffering from regular epileptic seizures, these seizures can seriously affect a person’s quality of life, and can even be dangerous to one’s health. AED’s, or anti-epileptic drugs often come with a range of side effects, and some people may not get the relief that they need from them. For this reason, cannabis has been widely used and studied in the relief of epileptic seizures. While its use is still quite controversial, especially among children, there is hard evidence that points toward it working for those who suffer frequent episodes.

How Cannabis Helps

The cannabidiol, or CBD, in the marijuana plant is thought to be the component responsible for seizure relief. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce the “high” that you might get when smoking or using marijuana. However, just because you’re not getting a high from it doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. It is thought that CBD works by calming down overactive brain cells, eliminating the frequency of episodes for those who have epileptic seizures. Some patients have even claimed that regular use has reduced the frequency of episodes from hundreds a week to just one or two a month. This is a major change for individuals who live with the condition day after day.

How to Use It

Cannabis can be used in a variety of ways, since most CBD strains & seeds contain the cannabidiol that is needed to obtain the actual effects of the plant. Before using any type of medical marijuana, it is a good idea to speak with a doctor and discuss your options. What’s interesting to know is that the FDA recently approved an AED that contains CBD, so it’s obvious that its use is beneficial to the condition. In some cases, CBD will not work for individuals who have severe episodes or who simply cannot take the drug without ill effects. However, many are finding it to be helpful in low doses administered regularly, though the exact amount is specific to the person suffering from the disorder.

Obtaining It Legally

For busy professionals, it can sometimes be difficult to visit a doctor and hope that they approve you for getting your card. Regular approval can take days or weeks, getting in the way of receiving the treatment that you need. This is why it makes sense to obtain your medical marijuana card legally on the internet in just a matter of minutes. From there, you can utilize the card whenever purchasing CBD or marijuana to treat the epilepsy that you’re experiencing. Many states have already legalized marijuana and CBD use, but it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with what’s legal in the state you currently live. This will prevent penalties and fines that could become a problem down the road. Thankfully, medical marijuana is becoming the new norm and is helping people to live the lives they’ve always dreamed. For individuals with epilepsy, it’s a natural option that has been found to be beneficial for treating the condition and reducing the frequency of episodes.

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