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Couple Eat Only Fruit For 3 Years And Have Not Brushed Their Teeth In 2 Years

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A couple who’ve eaten nothing but fruit for more than three years, and haven’t brushed their teeth in two, have opened up about their lifestyle.

39-year-old Tina Stoklosa from Warsaw, Poland, and her 26 year old fiancé Simon Beun, from Izegem, Belgium, travel around the world full-time in search of rare fruit.

Documenting their adventures on their YouTube channel and Instagram page, both of which are called ‘Fit Shortie Eats’, they discuss their lifestyle and allow their fans to follow them on their foraging adventures.

You can watch them searching for durian in a jungle in Malaysia here:

Having been overweight for most of her life, five years ago Tina researched online into cleansing diets and came across fruitarianism which involves eating, only or primarily fruits, in the botanical sense.

Despite previously struggling with conventional diets, Tina found herself quickly losing weight dropping from a UK size 16 to a size eight, and went from weighing 13 stone one pound to eight stone one pound.

However, Tina admits it wasn’t just her physical health which improved, she felt happier and more energetic.

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Every new person you meet on your way brings a new energy into your life. It has been no different having my best friend @joanna_kulczynska here. We’ve known each other for 20 years and yet every time we meet its different and exciting as nothing in the universe ever stays the same. It so funny to observe the shifts in ourselves and each other as we age (Now entering third decade of our friendship – priceless! Are we really that old? Seems like we were at uni yesterday!) For instance, for the vast majority of our friendship, I was the one initiating all evening outings, parties and anything that could have been an excuse to drink. Joanna, happily married since her mid-twenties, was much more resilient to the idea of going to seedy nightclubs in holiday resorts, whilst, I the relentless clubber, lived for partying and dancing (which sometimes led to funny episodes like spending hours looking for a club open in Miami on a Sunday) Now the roles have changed – I start my evening wind-down routine at 7pm, in bed at 8 and asleep by 9. Joanna in turn longed for the live latino music played in a super cool place right next to us and so into the nightlife we went. It was the first time I was out after dusk with live music in years! I really enjoyed it, altho still felt like a bit of an outsider there. Which in turn reminds me of the first raw foodist I ever found online – Victoria Boutenko. In one of her videos she described how after living in the forest eating nothing but wild edibles for over a decade, she separated from her husband and went to a women’s empowerment conference. She was stunned that so many of these women looked so good and healthy and were clearly thriving even tho most of them just ate ‘regular’ food! She was shocked to see there is happiness to be found outside raw food. Much in the same way I smiled watching ppl dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves. Now, back from the depths of Ubud’s nightlife, I hereby report to you: There IS life outside raw food. Still, tuning into what serves me best – I went for a cucumber-lime-mint mocktail (basically a green smoothie served by a barman) and was in bed by 8pm. For me, being raw feels too good to change!

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As reported by the Daily Mail, she said:

I engaged in cycles of binge eating and dieting in turn only growing bigger and feeling more helpless with each year. Despite my successful career in interior design I was single at 36.

Whilst researching a green smoothie recipe for the first time – I found a girl online that only ate fruit, and then I found a whole group of people online eating this way and calling themselves fruitarians.

The vast majority of them looked incredibly healthy, and had so much energy they chose to be endurance athletes. I was intrigued, and decided to do a week long pre-Christmas weight loss cleanse on just fruit.’

I felt amazing that week – light, optimistic, even high, I was walking 30cm above the ground – it felt like I was in love with everything. This diet was worth it even just for the mental game.

Convinced by the results, Tina vowed never to go back to ‘normal food’ although admits she struggled for the first two years.

At this point Tina decided to make the big move to Bali, hoping by removing herself from the Western world, she could fully commit to fruitarianism.

While in Bali Tina also found love, meeting Simon after he messaged her asking for more information about the fruitarian diet.

The couple consume between 2,000 and 4,000 calories a day eating only sweet fruit and drinking fresh coconut water.

They claim the benefits of the fruitarian diet are limitless, saying not only does it make them ‘feel high’, but it also cures both depression and other various chronic illnesses.

Tina explained:

The benefits are weight loss, you can eat unlimited amount of fruit every day, increased sleep quality, crazy amounts of energy.

Feeling more connected to nature, to yourself and others. Feeling like you are getting younger each day – from a scientific standpoint you are on this diet.

It cures depression, cures so many mental illnesses, relieves anxiety. Cures all chronic digestive issues. There are thousands of personal accounts of people who have cured cancer on this diet.

Despite this claim, doctors have warned numerous times how both a vegan and fruitarian diet will not cure cancer.

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Kuala Dungun is a sleepy town with a beautiful beach & plenty of homestays. @celinaeliz asked us whats the diff between a hotel & homestay – well a homestay is just a small family business. It could be just a couple of rooms a family rents out at the back of their property. This could mean a shared bathroom, taking your shoes off when you enter, no hot water, sleeping next to a busy road – just basic lodging, all depending on the family that sets it up. Usually half price in comparison to the cheapest local hotel. Back to Dungun – they have some lovely paths along the beach, underneath the pine trees, where we enjoyed our run in the bright rays of the early morning sun rising above the sea. So good to run in nature! (meanwhile the local kids and their parents engaged in a morning ‘gymnastic’ to a loud beat nearby) The small town also boast a university & golf course, both overlooking the South China Sea. Another upside – plenty of delicious coconuts. Plenty of fruit stands too, we mono-mealed mangosteen as usual, but it was the durian that caught our eye. There was mountains of it, but it was old, in fact very very old for Malaysia. Malaysians dont usually like their durians this old. We enquired where it was from – Kelantan – this meant there was no durian season closer and the durian has travelled far (two days on the bike for us) No durian in Terengganu?! Thats disappointing – we were looking forward to that durian destination. Upon closer inspection & questioning – some of the durian mangosteen was from Thailand! Its not unusual for Thai produce to be sold in Malaysia, esp. mangoes & lychees, because everything is so much cheaper in Thailand. However, we were surprised how far down the east coast the Thai durian made it! Cut durian of course, how else would it travel so far?! . . . . #rawfood #rawvegan #durian #801010 #fruitarian #tropicalfruit #cuticutimalaysia #malaysianfood #vegantravel #foodtravel #visitmalaysia #lovetoeat #plantbasedfood #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #vegandinner #highcarb #superfood #intermittenfasting #edrecovery #fruit #veganmeal #highcarbvegan #exoticfruit #kualadungun #manggis #mangosteen

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Tina added she feels the diet challenges social norms and ideas, including the widely accepted concept you should brush your teeth every day.

Although both Tina and Simon consume a lot of sugar through the fruit they eat, they haven’t brushed their teeth in two years, believing the fibre from their diet cleans them naturally.

Tina emphasised you can only do this with fresh fruit though:

When you eat whole fruit the fibre in the fruit cleans out your teeth. I don’t wash my teeth either.

When I went for a check-up after three years, the dentist called two other dentists to show my teeth to them – my teeth were in such good condition she couldn’t believe it.

But please don’t try this with dried fruit – as this sticks to your teeth and makes them rot.

To be honest, their teeth do look good!

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My favorite kind of lunchbox. It takes some getting used to buying durians pre-selected for you instead of meticulously hand-picking each and every one as we usually do! We only do it if they all smell amazing and this was the case with this durian-case. Creamy, buttery and fresh, we devoured them at a local river. Still cannot get over the price of durian here! At 15000 idr for this set, you're getting 8 durians for 1 USD! Crazy 🙆

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If you want to find out more about Tina and Simon’s lifestyle, you can follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

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