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Silicone Fusion Technology Reviewed – Does Dermaclara Work?

Women often complain about the appearance of stretch marks on their bodies. Stretch marks can be devastating to the self- confidence of a woman. Unfortunately, getting rid of stretch marks is easier said than done. Women have been trying different products throughout history to get rid of stretch marks with little success. However, a company known as Dermaclara aims to change all that.

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Dermaclara is a skin care company that has developed a product that is showing great promise when it comes to improving the appearance of stretch marks. If you have marks and lines on your stomach after going through a pregnancy, Dermaclara stretch mark solutions can benefit you. Users of the product have reported that it produces great results and visibly reduces the appearance of stretch marks within a short time.

Dermaclara for stretch marks is not an expensive or painful solution, but it is a great alternative for those that have previously used surgery or even laser treatments looking to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks. Read on to learn how the product works and why you need to consider trying out the product based on the numerous Dermaclara reviews you will find online.

How Does Dermaclara Work?

Dermaclara uses special technology to treat and rejuvenate skin and repair damage to the skin. The product is presented as an effective treatment solution for stretch marks. Scientific and clinical studies conducted have backed these claims and have shown that results can be visible within as little as one hour of application.

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The special technology that Dermaclara uses is known as Silicone Fusion Technology. It helps intensify the firmness and smoothness of skin with the aim of getting rid of stretch marks. Dermaclara can be used to reduce the appearance of signs aging that may appear on the chest, legs, stomach, neck, and face. The wide application of the product makes it suitable for those with multiple issues on different parts of their bodies.

The Advanced Silicone Fusion Technology found in Dermaclara helps users get rid of the appearance of scars, keloids, cellulite, and stretch marks. Simply put, it is possible to eliminate or diminish the appearance of any noticeable blemish on the skin if you use Dermaclara consistently. Dermaclara reviews can help you get a better picture of what the product is all about.

Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Technology

The Basic Silicone Fusion Treatment from Dermaclara is known as Dermaclara Clarafuse. The company manufactures, markets, and distributes this product. However, Dermaclara manufactures other skin care products that you will find in different markets throughout the world. If you search for Clarafuse Reviews online, you will find the numerous other product the company manufactures.

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Dermaclara Products

Dermaclara manufactures different skin care products as preciously highlighted. The most popular of these products is the Clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatment for the body and face. The company has discovered how to produce unique products that take advantage of the power of silicone and how it helps with the process of healing. The Silicone Fusion Technology Reviews online are testament to this.

Whether you have stretch marks on your legs, stomach, or back or you have fine lines on the face, the products can help reduce their appearance on your skin. The Silicone Fusion for Stretch Marks produces results based on how silicone interacts with the upper epidermal layer of the skin, which improves the skin in many different ways.


Dermaclara products boast of having several powerful ingredients that you will not find in other skin care products. The ingredients are quite hard to come by even in products from big skin care brands. Here are some of the effective ingredients you can find in the product based on Dermaclara reviews.

Clarafuse is responsible for inhibiting the process of aging on the legs, stomach, chest, and face, or wherever it is applied.

Clarasome is responsible for keeping skin hydrated, moisturized, and radiant throughout the day.

Claraline contains an anti-ageing peptide for smoothing skin and slowing down the process of aging. There is also information about peptides online here.

Claraprep completely cleans the skin without drying it. This is critical to the effective healing of damaged skin.

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It is important to note that the products mentioned above are regarded as safe and effective for use on human skin. The products have not been tested on animals. Dermaclara products can be used by people of all skin types whether sensitive, oily, or dry for the improvement of the health and appearance of skin. Dermaclara also works on all skin tones.

How Do Silicone Fusion Treatments Help?

People often suffer from some type of scarring after being involved in accidents. Whether the scars are small or large, silicone has been shown to be an effective treatment option. The people that have been recently injured should also use it.

Silicone smooths out the skin, bonds with the upper epidermal layer, and traps moisture in the target area. By trapping the moisture, the skin stays hydrated, which accelerates the process of healing. It is also beneficial for stimulating the production of collagen in the skin and boosting elastin production. Elastin and collagen are 2 proteins in the skin that makes it buoyant, which results in a younger appearance.

Will Dermaclara Work for All?

People that have used Dermaclara on stretch marks, age lines, and scars have reported experiencing dramatic improvements in the appearance of those conditions. Users of Dermaclara on the stretch marks on their bellies have seen results in as little as just one hour.

Clarafuse is able to deliver such quick results due to the way it adheres to skin and triggers the process of healing. Fine lines start disappearing after using it for a short while since there is a stimulation of the production of collagen. The trapped moisture also makes the skin appear smoother.

Clarafuse users put the silicone strips under the eyes or on other areas of the face where wrinkles have started showing. Once they do this regularly, it stimulates the skin to generate new cells, produces more sebum, and boosts collagen production in the upper epidermal layer.

What Type of Stretch Marks Can You Use Dermaclara On?

Dermaclara works for all types of stretch marks but especially those occurring during pregnancy. Part of the reason why it is highly effective during pregnancy is that skin is stretched out. The skin naturally comes back together after delivery and as long as your elastin levels are high enough, it will revert back to the way it was.

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If you are pregnant, it is advisable to apply Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatments on top of your belly as well as on the legs where stretch marks have started appearing. If you use Silicone Fusion Technology from Dermaclara, you will be boosting the production of collagen in the skin and ensure that your skin goes back to normal once you deliver.

Will Dermaclara Work on Older Stretch Marks?

Dermaclara uses Silicone Fusion Technology that is not selective when it comes to the treatment of stretch marks. It thus means that Dermaclara can work for older stretch marks though not as effectively as in women that have recently given birth.

Part of the reason why it might not be too effective when it comes to treating older stretch marks is that your skin has had the stretch marks for a while. However, it does not mean that you won’t see any results. It just means that the results will not be instant.

The important thing is to test it out by placing it over the affected areas then leave it on for extended periods. This will boost collagen production, moisturize the skin, and potentially fill out the areas where stretch marks are present to reduce their appearance.

Should You Consider Other Products from Dermaclara?

Dermaclara produces other skin care products that focus not just on stretch marks, but also fine line associated with aging. If you have stretch marks that you fear that will probably never go away, you need to consider using Dermaclara stretch mark products.

If you want to treat different areas of the body at the same time, you should consider other products from the brand including Clarasome moisturizer and Claraline serum. The important thing is to ensure that you use the products consistently for at least 30 days for the best results.


Dermaclara has an impressive skin nourishing and anti-aging Silicone Fusion Treatment according to Dermaclara reviews. The ability of the product to produce visible results within a short time is a clear indication of the fact that it is a product worth trying out.

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Dermaclara comes with a 60-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase that gives you the opportunity to test the product and if you don’t like it, just ask for a refund. However, refunds are only granted if you follow all the instructions provided within the stipulated time but still don’t see a difference.

Dermaclara is an amazing anti-aging and skin care product that works for people of all skin types. It contains ingredients that you won’t find in other skin care products. It is therefore worth giving the product a try since it could be the secret to youthful looks that you have been searching for.