Injured in a Car Accident? How to Get Proper Compensation in a No-Fault State
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Do Insurance Companies Investigate Injury Claims?

If you’ve sustained an injury from an accident and request a claim from your insurance company or the insurance company of the person at fault, the insurance company will investigate your injury claim.

The insurer will verify your name, address, and Social Security number as well as your driver’s license number and current phone number.

The insurance company adjuster will also conduct a search to see if you’ve filed claims before and what the results of those claims were. Here is some important information on the types of investigation the insurance company will conduct.

ISO Claim Search

ISO, or Insurance Services Office, is a viable resource for casualty and property insurance companies. An ISO report is exclusively available to claim adjusters and other people in the insurance industry.

Verifiable aspects of your identity, such as your Social Security number and license plate number, are used to generate the ISO claim search.

The ISO report includes a summary page so adjusters can see if you’ve filed a similar claim. A section of the report is also reserved for previous claims, and the adjuster will be able to see special designations as well.

These designations indicate if the date of your injury occurred on or near a holiday, or on a Friday or Monday.

The claim adjuster will also see an analysis of your claim, including any other insurance companies that were involved, and the date, time, and location of your injury, and whether the claim is open or resolved.

Accurint Search

If you’re filing a personal injury or car accident claim, the insurer will conduct an Accurint search. This investigation takes a detailed look at your insurance history.

Information in the Accurint search includes your real estate information, which includes your current address and all your previous addresses.

The claim adjuster can see the value of the home, the owner of the house, information about the neighborhood, and any individuals who were or are currently living with you.

An Accurint report also reveals your financial information, such as whether you are in bankruptcy or have ever filed for bankruptcy, or if there are any liens against your property. Your driver’s license will also be evaluated to see whether you have a clean driving record.

If driving is or has been a part of your professional life, the Accurint report will check to see if you have a professional license.

The insurance company will check to see if you have a criminal record and whether you’re registered to vote, have a concealed carry permit, or if you have a fishing or hunting permit.

Your associates will also be evaluated, since the Accurint search lists the birthdates of any people you’ve worked with or lived with, as well as your blood relatives and people you are related to by marriage.

In some cases, the names and addresses of your neighbors will be included in the report. Your social media accounts will be under scrutiny as well, which is why it’s important not to post anything about your accident until your case is resolved.

Accident Recreation

According to George Sink, attorney, state crash investigators have started recreating accidents to investigate their causes. They do this by using data that includes interior and exterior camera footage, accelerometers, and GPS systems.

In some cases, remote control cars are used to determine factors such as the speed a vehicle would travel at when it causes an accident.

This is an emerging technique that we can expect to see more of in the future. Virtual reality technology is also being used in accident reconstruction in personal injury cases.

Protecting Your Privacy

You should use caution when filing an insurance claim. If you file several claims, especially if the filings are close to each other, insurance companies will question whether your claims are legitimate.

While your claims may be substantial, some people commit insurance fraud, and insurance companies are looking out for this.

Remember to never give your Social Security number out, even if a claim adjuster asks for this.

However, in some states you may have to provide your Social Security number if you’re filing a workers’ compensation claim since this is how workers’ compensation confirms your identity.

You may also have to give the insurance company your Social Security number if you’re on Medicare because this is how your coverage will be verified.

Since insurers often try to offer you much less than what you deserve, having a lawyer in your corner can increase the chances that you’ll be treated with respect when you request compensation for your injuries.

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