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Do Those Stop Snoring Products Really Work?

I bet even hearing the word ‘Snore’ makes you uncomfortable, as it is a pet peeve for so many people. Whether you’re a snorer or someone who lives and sleeps with one, it can be a nuisance for you. Snoring is the noise made when air causes the throat area or the nasal passages to vibrate. You probably think snoring is one of those things that have no real reasons. On the contrary, there are several factors contributing to this disease. Yes, that’s what we’ll call it since it is a medical condition.

Snoring and being healthy are exactly the opposite. There are many causes of snoring, feeling fatigued, obesity, alcohol, smoking, feeling tired no matter how much you sleep, being at risk of a heart attack or a stroke, and having a low sex drive to name a few. If you can check any of those, then you’re at a serious risk.

It is true that it is a serious problem, but what problem doesn’t come with a solution? If there’s a problem at such a large scale then there’s always some solution for it, thanks to the never-ending work of science. Statistically, more than 40% of middle-aged men snore, and it is not just confined to men, 28% of middle-aged women snore too. There is a possible treatment for snoring, as there are so many gadgets and medicines to help you stop being a snorer. But before you kick start your stop-snoring campaigned, you need to figure out the source. Test to see if the noise is coming from your nose or your throat.

The test is pretty simple, if you can make a snoring noise while opening your mouth and gripping your tongue between your teeth then you’re a tongue-based snorer. Whereas, if you can make a snoring noise with your mouth closed, then you’re more likely to be a nosed-based snorer.

Once you know the type of snorer you are, you can follow one of the remedies your doctor suggests or the products you find out on the internet, but do those products work? We have provided the remedies and products used to stop snoring and their effects on different people to see how they worked out for them. There are both nasal and oral, and do-it-yourself remedies and products.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece:

Mouthpieces are widely popular when it comes to solving snoring problems. Mouthpieces deliver instant relief as long as you’re using a good quality product that suits your needs. Since there are two types of snoring, there are also two types of anti-snoring mouthpieces 1. Jaw Retainer and 2. Tongue Retainer. They’re both used differently of course, depending upon the type of mouthpiece you require. As much as they’re effective there are also some side effects associated with the mouthpieces like, mouth sores, jaw and facial pain, and gag reflex issues. It is important to consider these before using any mouthpiece.

Sleep on your side

There’s this theory that when we lie on our back, the tongue and muscles in the throat collapse, tightening the airway which causes snoring. It is easy and effective if you’re a side sleeper. However, if you aren’t then you might require some practice to get used to the sideway position. The best option is to go for the Memory Foam Mattress Sales to get the mattress of your dreams which provides easy rest as well as helps you with your difficult snoring issues.


SnoreMeds is a boil-and-bite style thermoplastic Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) designed to stop or reduce snoring. It comes in two sizes original and small fit. It is comfortable to wear and made from a hyper-allergenic thermoplastic. it is an easy to use product if you’re looking to reduce your snoring.

It softens when sunk in boiling water, which allows easy customization. Inserted into the mouth it creates a simple dental impression of your teeth and jaw.
However, this too has some side effects as it is short spanned and not ideal for people with weak gums.

Use Higher pillows

Using higher pillows help you with snoring as well. How? The aim is to keep the airways open by supporting the neck so the throat is not constricted. It works wonders and without much effort. All you have to do is, try not to slip when you’re asleep. Otherwise, it’s all good to use. Although, you might wake up with your spine aching a bit, which is all good considering you have stopped snoring at least.

Inhaling Steam & Spray

The purpose of the spray is that it shrinks the filling of the nostrils, which creates more space to breathe freely. It also compresses the tissues on the roof of your mouth which makes it hard to vibrate. This spray only reduces the snoring not, completely eliminates it.  The steam might be more effective in this regard, as it clears the nasal obstruction and it eliminates the snoring fully.


We’ve discussed some products and remedies to help with your snoring problems and as you saw, many of the products have side effects. It is better to use the other remedies to avoid snoring continuously.

Apart from the above mentioned, nasal steroids can help as well, in case you’ve got nasal congestion. Losing weight or avoiding alcohol at nighttime can also be helpful in eliminating the snoring and getting you the excellent sleep that you need.