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Do You Have ADHD?

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Do You have ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects around 5% of children.

Half of the 5% of children affected by ADHD will carry ADHD symptoms into adulthood.

Many adults with ADHD have never been officially diagnosed.

Untreated ADHD can create many different mental and physical problems.

These problems can create difficulties in everyday life and put strains on relationships.

It is important to recognise the adult signs and symptoms of ADHD so you can get the correct treatment.

Here are 8 signs of adult ADHD
(There are more than 8 signs of ADHD in adults, however these are 8 we picked out!)

1. Lack of focus – Lack of focus is more than just having trouble paying attention. It means finding it hard to listen to what other people say, overlooking details, not completing projects or tasks and becoming easily distracted.
2. Hyper focus – Someone with ADHD can get so focused on something that they become unaware of anything else around them. This hyper focus makes it easy to lose track of time and ignore people around them in their life.
3. Disorganisation – Someone with ADHD may struggle with organising things in their life. This may be something small or something big they need to organise. It could be keeping track of tasks or trouble prioritising.
4. Forgetfulness – Forgetfulness is common in those who have ADHD. This can be serious and damage their career or relationships! It can also be small like forgetting where you’ve put something.
5. Impulsive – Someone with ADHD may impulsive buy items when shopping, sometimes even when they can’t afford it! However impulsive behaviour also includes interrupting others, being socially inappropriate, acting without thinking or rushing tasks.
6. Anxiety – Anxiety is a very common symptom of adult ADHD
7. Poor self image – Someone with ADHD is often critical of how they look etc. They see themselves in a negative way and might feel like they are a failure or underachieving.
8. Emotional problems – Someone with ADHD can become bored easily and look for excitement in their life, they can have mood swings or become depressed easily.

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