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Embarrassing Foot Condition? Get Help Now!

If you suffer from an embarrassing foot condition, the silver lining is that you are not alone. One-third of Americans suffer from or experience some type of foot problem at some point in their lives. If you do not have these issues treated sooner or later, then they may end up festering into a severe condition such as infections, arthritis, joint damage, chronic pain, andmay even necessitate amputation in extreme cases. When you suffer from abnormalities such as calluses, corns, warts, skin disorders or more, it is time to go see the specialists at Feet First Clinic in Toronto.


In this post we’ll look at several common foot conditions that are fairly superficial and easy to treat:

Plantar Warts 

Plantar Warts are rough and tiny little growths. They look like blisters or cauliflowers. Verruca Pedis (as it is officially named) comes from a particular Human papilloma Virus(HPV) strain. Chiropodists will commonly treat them to make them go away using a few different methods depending on your pain tolerance.


A callus proves to be skin thickening that is a response  to increased pressure. These typically form on the tops of your toes or the soles of your foot. Women suffer from these more often than do men.


An uncomfortable growth on your toes is often a “corn” and  typically appear between or atop toes. They cause tremendous pain, redness, and swelling, but rest assured,the removal of them are painless.


Xerosis is more commonly thought of as dry skin. This will typically disappear without the help ofmajor medical assistance. In the elderly though, a doctor may be necessary, and If topical moisturizers are not used, this condition can cause a great amount of discomfort, as skin can lose its elasticity.

Athlete’s Foot 

Athlete’s Foot refers to an infection of the feet and skin caused by fungus, which can spread from one person to another when you walk over wet floors like communal bathrooms and poolside decks. Increased perspiration can also increase rick of obtaining a fungal infection. Among the symptoms of this unpleasant condition are peeling, reddening, and cracking in the skin that comes along with stinging or itching sensations. Generally, small flat blisters called vesicles are seen.  Common areas include the webspace between the fourth and fifth toes as well as the soles of the feet.


Toenail Fungus

The most prevalent toenail disease is a fungal toenail, also known as onychomycosis, which can be found in approximately ten percent of all adults. It is an infection that appears underneath the toenail and often comes along with a discoloring or thickening of the nails.Fortunately, it’s