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Fitness Instructor, Ken Inoue, Provides 5 Methods to Look After Yourself in 2021

Are you taking good care of yourself? If you have a busy lifestyle or a lot on your mind, you may be leaving your personal needs out of the picture, but they should be out in front, receiving your attention. Your well-being is key to a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life and could help you live longer, too, so if you’re not giving yourself the care you need, you’d be wise to start now. To help get started, fitness coach, Ken Inoue, walks us through five pointers for self-care.

1. Eat well

Your body needs a balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, so allow time each day to prepare a wholesome meal for yourself. You’ll find plenty of guidance on healthy eating online, with a wealth of simple recipes to try. Generally, natural food products such as freshly picked fruit and vegetables will do you more good than processed and packaged convenience foods, so shop with due care, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy diet.

2. Sleep well

Many people cut corners with sleep to fit more activities into their day, often becoming run-down and unwell as a result. A good night’s sleep is essential for both body and mind, so make sure you get your full quota of seven or eight hours, or whatever you feel you need. You may have to adjust your daily routine a little to allow for this, but the benefits will far outweigh any minor inconveniences. You’ll feel fresher and more alert after a good night’s rest, and physically stronger, too. Notice how well your energy and concentration hold out through the day and how much more productive you are for the extra rest. You may also enjoy a sense of calm and serenity.

3. Take exercise outdoors

Regular exercise and fresh air are vital for keeping the mind and body working well. However full your days may be, it’s important to make time for some strenuous physical activity. Any type of sport or whole-body exertion will serve the purpose, provided it gets your heart and limbs working hard for at least half an hour a day. Exercise strengthens your muscles and joints, also benefiting your circulation and organs. The great outdoors can be refreshing and soothing and, provided the air is clean, it will cleanse and revitalize your lungs, so take your exercise outside whenever possible.

Pro Tip from Ken Inoue: If you’re consistently pressed for time, try taking a daily walk after lunch. With a swift pace and slight elevation gain, your body, mind, and spirit will still reap the rewards of exercising outdoors.

4. Maintain high standards of health and hygiene

When you’re short of time or energy, it’s tempting to skip routine hygiene habits, such as toothbrushing and handwashing, and to minimize personal care generally. But lax hygiene can lead to infections and other health problems, causing pain and discomfort and sometimes requiring expensive treatments. It’s therefore essential to go the extra mile to maintain regular and all-around personal hygiene. Be sure to keep sores and scratches clean and protect yourself from extreme temperatures and sun exposure. Keeping your body clean and healthy has the bonus of making you feel and look good, too.

5. Socialize

Keep in touch with friends and relatives to ensure a thriving social life. It’s essential to connect with other people and exchange news and views for the company and comradeship that socializing brings. It’s helpful to be able to share concerns when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, and it feels good to support friends in need, too, so however tight your schedule, do your best to fit in a meet-up or two each day, whether online, by phone or in person, although it’s recommended to adhere to the social distancing guidelines recommended by your local health department.

Schedule these five “Musts” into your daily life, and you’ll start to feel the benefits straight away. What’s more, by taking care of yourself now, you’ll empower yourself to make the most of the future, whatever it holds for you, so the sooner you start, the better.

About Ken Inoue

Ken Inoue is a certified personal trainer from Torrance, California. Mr. Inoue helps his Los Angeles based clients improve their overall well-being by giving them the necessary tools to embrace an active and nutritious lifestyle. His training approach is unique to each individual, though he does place great emphasis on mastering the fundamentals of fitness training. He believes in a holistic strategy, incorporating strength training, cardiovascular, flexibility, and a well-balanced diet.

When Mr. Inoue isn’t leading clients through custom fitness regimens, either at the gym (health protocols permitting) or virtually, he can be found experimenting with new nutritional recipes, expanding his mindfulness with a digital yoga session, and playing with his much-beloved dog.

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