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Five Ways to Take Your Medications Correctly

It seems like everyone in America is on some type of medication. The list of diagnosis is almost as long as the list of medications available to patients. However, it is also known that many people abuse certain medications, or aren’t as informed as they should be on how to take their pills. There are things that can be done to avoid taking your medicine the wrong way. Knowing how to take your medication the right way is essential to your health. No one likes to take pills, but for most, it’s essential to their quality of life. 

Check Before You Take

Always make sure you check your medications and pills before you take them. You can double check with your pharmacist, or use a pill identifier to make sure they’re the right pills. Ensuring that you have the right medication is not only essential to your health but can be a matter of life and death. Taking the wrong medication can cause irreversible and life-threatening effects.

Read the Prescription Label 

This is important. Many pharmacists will attach little warning stickers to your pill bottles. These range from “may cause drowsiness” to “drinking alcohol with this medication may cause stomach bleeding.” Reading these labels and paying close attention to them can help save your life. Always be sure to talk to your doctor about side effects your medications may have.

Read the Medication Printout

Most pharmacies will provide a detailed printout for each of your medications. If they don’t already do it automatically with every refill, request them to do so. These printouts can provide you with all of the pertinent information needed to get acquainted with your new medicine. Many medications can have adverse effects if taken with alcohol. Just be sure that if you do have a drink, it’s not in excess or better yet, check with your doctor.

Take Your Medicine as Prescribed

According to the FDA estimates that 125,000 deaths nationwide, can be attributed to patients not taking their medicines as prescribed. Don’t be part of the statistics and adhere to your medical instructions on how to take your pills. It can avoid many problems such as relapses, worsening conditions, or even death.

Use Reminders

If you have a forgetful nature — and most of us do — use reminders. There are plenty of products that can help you do this. You can buy timer caps for your pill bottles, set alarms on your mobile device, or on your computer. Use pill containers that also have timers or use a medicine calendar so that you can keep track of which medications you take on which days. Sometimes lacking physical fitness can affect the physiological health as well, there is nothing wrong with using helpful reminders.

Taking medications for your well-being and overall health shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important to adhere to your medical provider’s instructions. These tips are merely a guide to ensure that medicines aren’t being abused and that your health isn’t being compromised. Always be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacists questions regarding your prescriptions. If you’re not certain or are confused ask for further clarification. Research tools to better help you understand and correctly adhere to the instructions given to you.

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