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Get Fit: 5 Simple Tips for Men to Build Muscle Strength

Building muscles is not only for bodybuilders and those who are into fitness. It should be an activity that everyone takes part in, because it is crucial for overall health. When you have strong muscles, you can effectively control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, strengthen your bones and maintain a healthy weight, as well as reduce joint pain, all of which gets more and more important as we age.

However, if you start training to gain strength, you should know that, without continual training, you will not get the desired results and your strength will gradually decrease. This is because inactivity leads to a decrease in muscle protein synthesis, so you need to train on a regular basis if you want to not only gain strength, but also retain it.

All of this is a lot easier said than done, but you can achieve your goal and experience the desired effects in no time if you have a good training routine and stick to it. The following tips will help you build bigger and stronger muscles quickly, so read on to explore them.

1. Do a Lot of Heaevy Lifting

In order to effectively increase your strength, your muscle fibers need to experience micro tears first, and then rebuild with proper rest and nutrition. You can accomplish this by subjecting them to some external forces that you and your muscles are not used to. This is where lifting comes in. You need to start using mostly barbells, and keep adding weight to the bar progressively to help your muscles increase in size, and to develop strength.

You should start with barbells and then move on to dumbbells, and use weight lifting machines last just to give the muscles that extra bit of focused work. That way, both your pulling muscles and your pressing muscles will be in perfect balance.

2. Do Multi-Joint Exercises

If you only stick to single-joint movements, such as triceps extensions and biceps curls, you will not reach your desired effects as quickly as you want to. In order to quickly build your muscles, you should do multi-joint exercises that take much less time to build lean muscle mass and, more importantly, enable you to start using heavier weight sooner. Some of these exercises are squats, deadlifts, cleans and bench pressing, so make sure you include them in your training program.

3. Do Cardio Exercises Only for Your Warm-up


If you want to increase your muscle strength as quickly as you can, you should indulge in cardio exercises only when you are warming up. This is because cardio exercises burn calories that you actually need for building muscles. Therefore, avoid doing a lot of cardio such as running, if you don’t want your training to take quite a lot more time and result in mediocre strength gains.

4. Eat Healthy, but with Extra Calories

You need to eat a healthy diet in order to provide your muscles with a foundation for becoming stronger. You should always focus on quality over quantity, so make sure you consume enough healthy protein (about one gram per pound of bodyweight), such as grass-fed beef, grain-based carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, and healthy fat from coconut milk, olive oil and avocadoes, for instance, as well as a lot of other fruit and vegetables. Also, don’t forget to avoid refined sugar and processed foods, not to mention alcohol, so that you can fuel your body with exactly what it needs to be healthy and strong.

Nevertheless, you need to consume extra calories in order to start packing on muscle. You should eat 500-1000 extra calories per day, which means you will be getting 3500-7000 extra calories per week, which is exactly what you need in order to start gradually building muscle size and overall strength.

5. Boost Your Testosterone


Boosting testosterone levels is known to increase muscle size and strength and reduce body fat, among many other benefits it provides. Therefore, in order to contribute to your muscle building, you should increase your testosterone levels.

Forget about steroids, since they come with a lot of negative side effects , but instead go for the best natural testosterone boosting ingredients you can find. Not only will this help you with your muscle gain and strength, but it will also significantly improve your overall health.
These are the simplest, but the most crucial tips that will quickly help you reach the level of strength that you strive for, so make sure you follow them. Challenge your body every day, remain persistent and consistent, get enough sleep and enrich your body with a healthy diet, and you can be sure that the desired results will follow.