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Getting Started in Gymnastics

Kids are fearless and ambitious. They love to try new things, take risks and be challenged. And when it comes to trying unconventional activities, such as acro or acro dance, Trix Acro Gym knows exactly why kids are drawn to these types of fun:


  • They are stimulating for the mind and body, challenging kids in their thoughts, cognitive function and physical movements.
  • They have many opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and interact with a different group other than their school friends.
  • These activities help children develop improved levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love and this becomes a positive feedback mechanism for your child.


It may not be as fun and exciting for mom and dad however, if you have no idea what to expect, have no experience with gymnastics and acro, and simply don’t even know where to begin. If that sounds like you, and your child is dying to enrol into a gymnastics or acro program, here’s where to get started:



Visit the Facility

Before you sign up for a program, head to the gymnastics gym and have a look at what they offer! Meet the instructors, view the equipment, maybe even see a session in practice if possible.  Most gyms, like Trix Acro Gym, will give the opportunity for a free tour and parent information meeting, where you can ask all the questions you have, learn about how practices work, discuss financial commitment, as well as negotiate what times and days work best for your child so that he/she can attend.



Choose a Program

Once you have spoken to staff members and visited a few facilities, it’s time to work with your child to choose where he/she would like to practice gymnastics, and the type of program they would like to enrol in.  While all new students typically enrol in a similar program at the beginning that teaches them the basics, down the line, there are options for competitive gymnastics, transitioning to acro or dance, and much more.



Get Motivated

While the initial excitement of enrolling in a gymnastics program may have had your child giddy with anticipation, as the first day looms, you may find that he or she is less motivated and excited and maybe even a little bit nervous! Well trained staff, like those at Trix Acro Gym will do a lot to put your child’s anxiety at ease, but you can also help out: offer them positive encouragement in the days leading up to the first class, reminding them how fun it is going to be, and how great it will be to meet other students.  Help them feel the part by purchasing some gymnastics clothes, like tights and a suit before the big day. And after class, don’t forget to offer positive reinforcement, making sure they finish feeling good so that it boosts their self-esteem and they keep going back!


Ready to get started? Contact Trix Acro Gym for your free tour and then let us set you and your child up for their first gymnastics practice!

  • Your advice to visit the gymnastic’s facility in order to check out the equipment and meet the instructors is a good idea. While you do this, it could help to ask the instructors questions. Asking questions could give you the chance to learn more about their experience and the gymnastics program so that you can determine whether they’ll be able to help your child get the best skills.