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Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is notably beneficial to health and can be used to treat numerous ailments. If you don’t believe us then read on.

1. Treats Colds

Peppermint oil is a handy home remedy for common colds and flu. Put 3 to 4 drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water, then inhale the fumes produced. Peppermint contains menthol powerful enough to treat a scratchy throat and clear sinusitis as well as

2. Relief from Joint Pains

Joint pains can be debilitating, and especially for the elderly. The condition becomes even worse during winter and in cold weather. Massaging your joints and the muscles around with peppermint oil, however, helps sooth the pains within a matter of minutes. The oil induces increased blood flow to the affected area resulting in faster relieve.  Add a few drops of lavender oil for even better results.

3. Relieves Muscle Pains

Peppermint is an essential ingredient in almost all pain relief sprays. The menthol properties in peppermint help the muscles to relax, thus bringing relief. It is also considered a natural pain reliever.

4. Helps Treat Itchy Scalp

No one wishes to deal with an itchy scalp. This condition is mostly caused by dust and pollution in and around the hairs. Nonetheless, peppermint soothes the scalp providing much-needed relief. Only a few drops of peppermint are enough to work the magic.

5. It’s A Rejuvenating Foot Cream

Peppermint oil is commonly used in massage parlors, and for a good reason. The oil induces a sense of relaxation hence helping one calm down. Simply adding a few drops of the oil in warm water and massaging your feet is enough to provide you with muscle relief.

6. Treats Headaches

Many people massage their foreheads with peppermint oil whenever they have a headache. Peppermint brings a cooling effect that helps drown the headache away.  A simple massage with peppermint is enough to calm a throbbing headache.

7. Treats Various Forms of Indigestion

Flatulence, indigestion, bloating, and IBS are some of the common digestive problems today. Although your nutritional intake might be to blame for this, taking peppermint capsules does help provide relief from all these. Just a few drops of peppermint oil are enough to do the trick. You only need to take it before the main meals for the best results. Peppermint oil contains properties that help with increased production of bile, the compound required to break down fats.

8. Treats Skin Irritation and Allergies

Peppermint contains compounds that help fight allergens and irritants that affect the skin. The oil is potent enough to keep the skin moisturized for hours while protecting it from toxic compounds. Research shows that peppermint contains potent anti-microbial properties that also come in handy in protecting the skin from infection-causing microbes.

9. Provides relief from Nausea

Anyone suffering from nausea can use peppermint oil for relief. The fragrances from peppermint oil alone are soothing enough to avert the causative feeling. There are several ways to use peppermint oil to treat nausea. First, you can rub the oil on the area just behind the ears, or add one drop of peppermint in a glass of water, then sip it slowly.

10. Toothache Relief

Toothaches can be debilitating. Most people will do anything to find relief from the throbbing ache. Massaging the affected tooth with peppermint oil helps provide a cooling effect and a sense of relief. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil on the affected tooth and muscle.