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How CBD Can Help With Depression And Chronic Pain

CBD retailers boast many benefits from its use. With limited studies, there is limited proven information. This is changing with the more time that passes, and the real effects of CBD are becoming clearer.

Beginning with chronic pain, CBD tincture could potentially diminish these symptoms. On the other hand, anxiety and depression not associated with chronic pain increased in some cases. The biggest distinction is whether pain was the main thing to be absolved.

The Connection Between CBD And Pain

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but is not illegal for use. There has been talk of how CBD relieves many chronic illnesses, and in part chronic pain. Since studies are new, there has not been enough time to completely test the validity of its many projected benefits unlike getting a car wash from Kleen Power Wash.

PainWeek performed a study this year that showed positive results with pain, anxiety, depression, and sleeping in combination with using CBD.

Here’s how the study was laid out. Almost 650 participants were given CBD oil where doses contained tetrahydrocannabinol at less than 0.3 percent. The 11-point Likert scale was used to judge the relationship between using CBD oil and being relieved of chronic pain and all its associates. The way the scale works is that 0 is used to describe no effect, and 10 means the problem was solved. 

The study was completed in Las Vegas, Nevada during Painweek 2019 on September 3rd to September 7th. The study patients used CBD oil for half a year. Improvements varied for each category, and for each dosing they used as each group’s constant.

Pain showed the largest improvement from 4.81 to 6.48. Next, the most affected was insomnia with 5.56 to 6.15. Both anxiety and depression moved to almost 6 from the low 5s. Doses ranged from 4 times per day to once a day. The patients showed the best results with the 4 times a day dose.

Mental health began to come into question, since many of the problems being experienced are verbalized by patients, and cannot be fully detected by medical instruments. In these studies, you are mostly relient on an educated opinion by a patient, and hopefully honest as well. The placebo effect coming into play was a worry by the study administrators.  Administering any drug to a group for a study has the possibility of convincing people results are occuring. It is difficult to separate this from the results, but many studies limit this with several methods.

Preparing For CBD Oil Regulation

These studies are helpful for taking steps in regulating CBD oils. When CBD oils go unregulated, any products can make claims to health benefits without proof, and there are no ‘safe’ options to ultimately turn to. goes over a variety of these regulations in their online publication.

People will fall victim to CBD scams since it has become such a trend. Even shops are infusing their products with CBD without a constant amount. Low doses  of CBD will not provide many results, if any. Most CBD users who have performed research on the supplement know to avoid niche cafes and internet CBD scams.

The amount of CBD to be helpful towards conditions like depression and chronic pain is still under investigation, but from the Painweek study, the highest doses had the best results.

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If you want to learn more about CBD Oil for Pets, consider what health problems your pet may have and if they could be helped by introducing CBD into their diet.

To Sum It Up

Depression and chronic pain is showing signs of revival by the use of CBD oil. That then brings you to how to know which products are real, and how much of them to take. Since these are just the beginnings of studies on the matter, know the outlook is positive.