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How Massages Are Good For Health?

Gone are the days when massages were only provided in health clubs and luxury spas. Nowadays, massages are also offered in clinics, businesses, and hospitals. The key reason for the popularity of massages is their several health benefits. A massage involves pressing and rubbing of skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Different types of massages are offered these days, including Swedish massage, sports massage, deep massage, and trigger point massage. Let’s have a look at the health benefits of massages.

1. Relieves muscle pain

The majority of you must have experienced muscle pain due to your hectic routine or intense physical activity. You will be glad to know that massages can help relieve muscle pain. A massage can help increase and improve blood circulation, thus easing muscle soreness. In 2011, a study was published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” that declared the massage therapy as an effective cure for chronic backache.

2. Soothes depression and anxiety

A professional and friendly human touch can be very relaxing and therapeutic. According to a published study (2005) in International Journal of Neuroscience, women with breast cancer are reported to be less angry and less depressed when they received massage therapy 3 times a week. Another published study of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Journal found that the anxious and depressed patients were much happier and more relaxed after the massage. Furthermore, the stress levels of all those patients were also reduced after the massage.

3. Boosts immunity

A 2010 published study of Alternative & Complementary Medicine Journal found that massages can boost patient’s white blood cells, which play a major defensive role against disease. Furthermore, massages also improve immunity.

4. Improves sleep

No doubt, massages encourage a relaxing sleep. But it can also help all those individuals who can’t rest comfortably. A regular massage can help promote comfort and sleep in people undergoing radiation or chemo therapy. Also, massages encourage sleep among infants and thus they will cry less. So, to keep infants relaxed and less stressed, parents can try massage therapy.

5. Relieves headaches

Children and adults of all ages can experience a headache. But a soothing massage can definitely help relieve headaches. Massages decrease the severity and frequency of tension headaches. A research conducted in Spain discovered that a single massage immediately helped patients with chronic headaches.

6. Reduces high blood pressure

Studies have revealed that regular massage can reduce high blood pressure. So, if you are among those people whose blood pressure remains high, then massage therapy is the perfect treatment for you.

7. Say goodbye to postural stress

Several people often experience postural stress as a result of their hectic routine. This stress often manifests in their neck and shoulders. Individuals with long periods of sitting at work are likely to suffer from postural stress that causes weakness and pain in their lower back and neck. But nothing to worry as massage therapy can overcome the consequences of prolonged sittings. To get the best massages in Los Altos, you can rely on Arisa Thai Massage.