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How Much Does It Cost to Grow Your Weed

Since the legalization of weed, most consumers can purchase weed from a simple store or dispensary. Most farms take care of the cultivation process and sell them off to grocery stores. We’ll take an inside look and compare the differences in cost between buying marijuana at a dispensary and growing them on your own. 

Price of Buying Marijuana from a Dispensary 

Just a decade ago, it wasn’t quite easy for consumers to purchase marijuana. Products such as concentrates, flowers, and edibles vary in flavor, potency, and effect, requiring a high level of skill and expensive machinery to produce. Buying these can be expensive due to the additional regulations and high taxes put on when packaged and distributed for commercial use. 

Here is a small breakdown of the average prices based on the amount of marijuana sold in a store: 


  • 1 gram: $10-$20
  • ⅛ ounce: $30-$60
  • ¼ ounce: $60-$110
  • 1 ounce: $175-$360


  • 10mg: $4-$10
  • 10mg by 10 servings: $25-$40 


  • ½ gram: $17-$50
  • 1 gram: $30-$70

The Costs to Grow Your Marijuana 

It’s important to note that growing your marijuana has its own set of challenges and advantages. Growing your marijuana means you have full control of the process and the knowledge of everything that goes inside growing it. You can explore genetics, growing techniques, curing strategies, and harvest times. Although it requires a tremendous amount of time and practice to learn, it’s quite satisfying. For example, you need to understand the right lights to use for growing a lamp. A Pot for Pot has the best lights available for growing cannabis. There is quite the learning curve involved, too, like overcoming mold, pests, and other diseases that can deteriorate your growing processing and damage your expensive crops. Keep in mind there are price variations when it comes to growing your marijuana indoors versus outdoors. If you’re looking to buy seeds and are located in Canada, Green Relief has collated a list of the best Canadian seed banks you might want to check out.

The Costs of Growing Marijuana Indoors 

  • Built grow space: $250 
  • Metal halide bulb: $30-$100
  • 1,000 watt light setup including HPS bulb, ballast, and hood: $200-$600 
  • Carbon filter: $85-$120
  • 6” inline fan: $80-$200 
  • Two 30 gallon water tanks: $50-$100 
  • Nutrient starter kit: $50-$100
  • Electricity needed to power equipment for 3.5 months: $700
  • Hardware including zip ties, trellising, and stakes: $50 
  • 60 gallons of soil: $60 
  • Six 10 gallon of pots 

The Total Cost: $1,575 to $2,320 

You will be able to generate about a gram of flower per watt using a 1,000-watt bulb. However, when you start, you might just get about half a gram per watt. 

Small Grow Closet 

If you’re just interested in having a small grow closet instead of an entire room, it’s much less costly. It allows you to determine whether you like growing marijuana before investing a lot of money in it. All you need is a grow tent, which typically has dimensions of 2 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet and costs under $1,000. You can have one to three-gallon pots with a grow tent and grow about two to four cannabis plants in them using a 400 to 600-watt lamp. 

Equipment used: 

  • 2’x 2’x 5’ grow kit with a tent: $900
  • Four 3 gallon pots: $20
  • 20 gallons of soil: $20 

Total Costs: $940 

Reflect on the expenses between growing your cannabis and purchasing them to decide which is right for you. Keep in mind the time needed to learn and care for these plants. Not sure which strains to grow? Check out this article from Sweet Leaf Marijuana for high-yielding indoor weed strains.