How Much Kratom Should You Take?
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How Much Kratom Should You Take?

When considering natural remedies that help with pain and mental health, kratom is often a strong contender. Although many have already embraced the benefits of kratom, there are others who are considering its use for the first time.

Despite kratom enjoying historical recognition in Asia, it is still relatively new to the Western world, which is why some of the uncertainty arises. 

One of the most asked questions regarding kratom is how much should be taken. The fact is, there can be many factors that affect the dosage. The following information offers some guidance on those looking to ingest kratom for the first time.

Aim for Less to Begin With

One of the biggest mistakes made when consuming kratom for the first time is ingesting too much. Despite the benefits that kratom can offer, absorbing too much could leave you feeling unwell.

Understandably, some people assume the more kratom consumed, the greater the benefit. Despite the many benefits that kratom can offer, it is vital to use it in the right way.

Instead, you should take a low dosage based on your weight, examples of which are as follows.

·         150lbs:             1.5g

·         250lb:               2.5g

Although you may not enjoy the benefits of kratom with a low dosage, you can increase the dosage by one gram every thirty minutes until you achieve the effect you are looking for.

Using kratom can help treat pain and anxiety, but it works differently to other natural products like CBD. This means the dosages can be different despite the similar benefits both offer. A low dosage of kratom does not mean that you will not feel the effects.

A low dosage of kratom is often ideal for those with slight pain or anxiety, but the dosage should be aligned with a person’s body weight.

If you fear the ingestion of kratom could react with the medication you are taking, then it is advisable to speak to a health professional prior to consuming kratom.

Should I Consider a Higher Dosage of Kratom?

Although there is general guidance available regarding the consumption of kratom, the dose needed can vary from person to person, and they will be instances where some need a larger dose than others to achieve the effect they are looking for.

Using kratom is sometimes associated with drug rehabilitation, as it helps counteract the symptoms associated with withdrawals from heroin and narcotics. In instances like these, the following dosages are recommended.

·         150 lbs              2.5g

·         250 lbs              3.0g

It is worth reinforcing that those considering kratom should not consider these high doses straight away.

How Can I Be Sure I Am Using High-Quality Kratom?

When searching for kratom online, you will come across many choices, but not all of them will meet your requirements. Some may have prolonged delivery times, whereas others may sell a lacklustre product, so research is essential.

Fortunately, almost all kratom wholesalers online are professional and of good repute. Kratom companies like Super Speciosa have worked hard to ensure that choice, excellent customer service and prompt delivery are all part of the service.

Although it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest price possible, ensuring you use a provider that sells good quality kratom ensures you are getting the best value in the long-term.