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How to be healthy in 2020

Health is wealth no matter what year it is. If you don’t consider yourself healthy and want to become a healthy and fit person then it’s never too late. You can try to be fit in 2020. Although it’s been two months but there are still ten months to make yourself fit, and here we have some tips for you to be healthy in 2020 which seems to be the quite challenging year so far. Have a look at them.

Start by eating a healthy diet

If you want to be fit, you have to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and some meat. Cut out the fried and other junk food from your life. Try to consume more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis by replacing snacks. By eating clean, your immune will get stronger and not only you will eliminate the risks of heart disease and diabetes, but your naked body and skin will feel fresh with proper nourishing food.

Consume less salt and sugar

Many studies have concluded that consuming more salt will put you in risks of high blood pressure which eventually risks stroke and heart diseases. So, it is better that you eliminate salt intake along with other seasonings and condiments that have high salt ratios. As for refined sugar, it is not good for health at all as it can put you at risk for weight gain and tooth decay. WHO recommends that an adult should use 5 grams of salt and 50 grams of sugar but it shouldn’t exceed this limit. But if anyone has diabetes or weight gain issues, they must limit the sugar intake.

Reduce your fat intake

We all love junk food and fried food in our daily lives. It is something that seems so delicious to our mouth that we come back at it even when we are eating healthy. But this is not good for your naked skin and not for your body. There are a few fats that are essential for fitness that includes fish, avocado, olive, and canola oils. WHO recommends taking less than 10% of total energy intake. Make sure you take unsaturated fats by replacing all trans-fats and saturated fats. Less fat will also make sure naked skin pimple and blemish-free in all seasons.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Surely, alcohol is an important thing in our food menu but there are so many risks involved with that. Experts say that there is no safe level that is recommended so it is best that you drink alcohol in moderation or quit it for the sake of several physical and behavioral problems. Quitting alcohol can reduce your risks for cancer, liver failure, violence, and depression.

Eliminate smoking habits

If you are following the above-mentioned tips then there is another tip that involves your smoking habits. Know that it kills people with bad lungs, heart diseases, and stroke. The smokers don’t only kill themselves, but it kills people in your surrounding because of secondary exposure. So, quit smoking and use best CBD oil (find more here: in tea to feel better when you are feeling down.