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How to Leverage Instagram as a Marketing Platform for Healthcare Businesses

In these times of crisis in the healthcare scene, triggered by the deadly coronavirus pandemic across the world, we are finding that hospital marketing leaders and healthcare practices are considering the efficacy of Instagram marketing. We know that the healthcare sector has been relatively slow to embrace social media advertising and marketing techniques previously, but today they are welcoming the idea of leveraging Instagram to promote their healthcare business. Modern healthcare professionals are happy to explore new avenues and platforms if they are perfect for their specific target audiences.

Focus on Educating Patients & Building Credibility

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of misinformation and misconceptions that could prove to be hazardous in terms of healthcare and medicine. As per, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation and misconception out there. Millions of people across the United States are still underestimating the gravity of the COVID-19 situation. You must avail your opportunity to utilize your social media profiles and accounts for influencing others positively. 

Instagram is known to be a hugely popular destination if you are looking for a community and seeking answers. However, those answers may not have a scientific basis.

Medical organizations and doctors have a chance of combating this issue while working on building their brands. By generating top quality credible and authentic content and sharing it on versatile platforms like Instagram, healthcare organizations could successfully reach potential patients and new clients. At the same time, they could go on educating the public in general regarding vital health issues.

However, you must realize that it takes time and patience to promote your content organically and establish an audience. Healthcare professionals may focus on posting authentic content frequently and finding a niche if they are looking to gain followers. Moreover, remember that followers do not always convert into patients. In this context, you may buy 20 Instagram likes by contacting a reliable digital marketing company. 

Focus on Hiring the Brightest & the Best

Before chalking out effective ways of leveraging Instagram for converting new patients, the platform could be used for recruiting purposes through regular or unpaid posts on Instagram. You could use Instagram for marketing your healthcare business for recruiting purposes. Potential employers are in the habit of reviewing the candidates’ social media pages and the applicants also browse through an organization’s Instagram account to make an accurate assessment of the healthcare organization. We know that Instagram is the best visual platform for flaunting your healthcare organization, its work culture, vision, and job life. You could be attracting dedicated and motivated healthcare employees who are conscious of social outreach and care about focusing on the broader consequences of their work.  

Consider Attracting New Patients Using Instagram Ads

You should realize that patients will not come across your Instagram posts organically unless a large volume of fans and followers are there to support you. You must keep in mind that all these followers do not necessarily have to be patients looking to schedule an appointment with you. Fortunately, Instagram ads are great for targeting your precise target audience. Instagram ads seem to be quite affordable in comparison to several other platforms. Instagram is the best platform for promoting your healthcare business on social media in a cost-effective way. With a perfect stratagem and some persistence, you could easily grab the attention of new patients. 

Focus On Creating a Community by Using Engaging Content 

The most effective marketing has its foundation on great stories. We are aware of the fact that the healthcare industry is having a whole lot of fascinating stories to share with its audience. Successful marketing campaigns for healthcare organizations are known to present compelling stories in a truly memorable manner. Here are some tips for creating an Instagram community for your healthcare business or brand.

  • Refrain from promoting your healthcare service or product blatantly; instead, consider posting spotlights of doctors and healthcare providers trying to make a real difference to the community in general and patients in particular. 
  • Comment or like on neighborhood businesses or community accounts on Instagram for demonstrating your support.
  • Use Instagram Stories for adding the human touch to your overall marketing strategy. You may post an informative video where you could post a healthy tip for your followers for the day. You may post a story highlighting the activities and decorations made by your staff to celebrate Heart Health Month.
  • Often simple seems better. You may post a stunning photo with an appropriate quote to make an impact and boost brand awareness.
  • Leverage Instagram as a powerful tool for social media marketing. Instagram could go a long way in electrifying your content marketing endeavors and help in establishing trust among your targeted audience.
  • The healthcare industry would be immensely benefited if they opt for aggressive video marketing. 
  • It is not enough for your healthcare organization to be on Instagram. For succeeding in your marketing campaigns and building brand awareness, it is necessary to keep the following best practices or consider consulting a digital marketing expert for assistance. 


Instagram is a versatile social media channel that has been designed for posting mesmerizing photos and mind-blowing videos. You may focus on sharing great visual content along with truly engaging written content if you wish to create a niche for your healthcare business on Instagram. 

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