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Introduction to Pacific Frost Strain

The pacific frost strain is an Indica-dominant strain hybrid plant of the cannabis family. It is a well-known plant to smoke. It has almost the same characteristics as the other cannabis plants in this family. This one is a crossbreed plant of Pacific OG and Frosty strain. It has a 60/40 dominance ratio. This plant boasts the frosty green buds that get covered in white crystal trichomes. These buds form nugget like a shape. These nuggets become large, dense, sticky when they are completely grown up. This is why it gets hard to crack them for smoking but eventually, the dispensaries had to do it. All that tough cracking is worth the effort as this can be used in numerous situations to make you relaxed.

Common effects of pacific frost strain

The pacific frost strain is considered in the moderate category of cannabis, so it is not very difficult to inhale. It has somewhat similar effects like any moderate kind of drug has. The pacific frost strain gives an intense high to your body that first induce a relaxing and calming effect on you. It is known to make you high a little bit early than the other drugs of this kind. It is known to make you creative, focused, higher, turned on, and sometimes hungry. These are the common effects of using it, but it can vary on different people.

Medical usage

The pacific frost strain soothes any kind of pain in your body. If a person is suffering from a headache or any other pain or cramps, this can relieve your pain and helps you relax. This one also relieves anxiety and helps you get focused on a specific task. One of the specialties of using this Indica-dominant strain is that it relieves the knotted or spasm muscles, so whenever you are tired of work and need a break, you can use it to relax muscles. Besides these specific illnesses, it is commonly used to treat various conditions among patients like nausea, depression, and ADHD that are very common these days. There are many options for treatment of these ailments, some of which you can see here at this Exclusive Ann Arbor Michigan Dispensary.

Precautions: Since its aftereffects can make a person hazy and high, it is recommended to use it either in the evening or at night. Just like any other drug, you are not recommended to use machines.

Flavors of pacific frost strain: Although the actual flavor is intense and kind of bitter, but cannabis dispensaries are now developing different flavors with pacific frost strain. It doesn’t come in the conventional mint or pine flavors. Commonly, it is found in the following flavors.

·  Sweet

·  Berry

·  Grape

Packaging and availability: The pacific frost strain comes in different prepackaging. It comes in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, or in 7 grams. The package includes a flower of pacific frost strain. You can go and ask for this pacific frost strain from your licensed cannabis dispensary easily. It is easily available on different dispensaries. Make sure to buy the exact kind because there are many other strains with a little bit of difference.

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