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Is Elliptical Machine Good or Bad for Your Back?

We spend the overwhelming percentage of time in the sedentary position: in the office, at home at the computer, in the car, at the table in the cafe. Such a lifestyle leads to curvature of the spine, chronic back pain, fatigue; all these problems are the flip side of our everyday life.

Strengthening the muscles of the back and working on the flexibility of the body are perhaps the most effective methods that let you avoid the above-mentioned problems.

The modern market for sports equipment offers proform elliptical reviews, which make it possible not only to strengthen the muscle corset but also effectively relieve back pain.

Reasons for the Simulator Popularity

An elliptical trainer, also known as ellipsoid is sports equipment which is an intermediate link between the treadmill, stepper and exercise bike. Therefore, it has the positive features of all of these simulators.

Almost all modern elliptical trainers have a built-in computer with many diverse user programs, and it is also possible to create your own. As a rule, the choice is made depending on the person’s readiness.

To determine it, there are special heart rate sensors that show the intensity of the heart works online. To maintain the optimal heart rate, you need to increase the load very smoothly. For this purpose, pulse-dependent operating modes are used.

The high functionality of elliptical trainers on also allows you focusing your training on developing strength, endurance, burning calories, etc.

You can choose the best program based on your current data. For more experienced athletes, there is an option to create their personal programs.

Today, elliptical trainers are still very popular. They are in demand in all countries of the world.

More and more companies annually enter the market with their innovative sports developments. Some brands produce units with a built-in computer that allows you watching TV and listening to music right during class.

Simulator Features

The elliptical trainer is designed for cardio training. The actions of the athlete during the exercise are similar to running or skiing. This is a simulator for:

  • slimming;
  • general strengthening exercises;
  • recovery after diseases and operations.

The LCD displays:

  • distance;
  • calories burned;
  • time, heart rate and other parameters.

The elliptical trainer is suitable for professional athletes and amateurs. You can set up the intensity, the level of difficulty and focus on problem areas using special programs.

What Body Parts are Involved

The main load on the elliptical trainer falls on the deltoid muscles of the back, back of the legs and buttocks, as well as on:

  • knees;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • abs;
  • tendons;
  • ankle joints.

Your body does an effective aerobic exercise. At the same time, there is no heavy load on the joints due to smooth movements.

The Benefits of Training on an Ellipsoid

For weight loss

During training, calories are burned and all problem areas are involved. Weight goes away evenly without consequences in the form of sagging skin. Exercise 3-4 times a week and you will notice progress very soon.

For health and longevity

Regular training:

  • prevent obesity;
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system and respiratory system;
  • increase stamina.

During training, more air enters the lungs. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to all organs and cells. Due to this, metabolic processes are activated and productivity during the day increases.

An elliptical trainer belongs to the group of cardiovascular machines. It helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve the functioning of the respiratory organs. It also burns body fat effectively. But the main feature of such a simulator is a complex effect on almost the entire body: hip, calf, chest and spinal muscles are involved.

Elliptical trainers on jonsguide are one of the few devices that are recommended for people with joint and spinal problems, including those suitable for the treatment of hernia.

As a result of training on the simulator, a moderate load is created on almost all muscle groups. Moreover, to work on the simulator, it is not necessary to have excellent physical shape.

Is There Any Harm from Training

The simulator is designed to reduce the load on the spine and joints. Therefore, you can exercise intensively and not worry about harming your health. Despite all the benefits and advantages of such a device as an elliptical trainer, there are also some contraindications. So, refrain from training in case of:

  • regular hypertensive crises; 
  • cardiac asthma attacks; 
  • tachycardia and angina pectoris; 
  • diabetes, cancer, edema, thrombophlebitis.

Above all, follow the correct training technique. When you do exercises on the trainer, make sure that the feet are firmly in contact with the pedals. Do not tear your heel and toe off the pedals while training. The breath should be even and deep.

How to Train

Before starting training, you must do a standard warm-up to prepare the muscles and joints for training. Increase the load gradually. Start at an easy level.

Only this way you will get a good result. If you train to the point of exhaustion from the first minute, you will end up with only muscle fever and aversion to sports the next day.

Want to finish your workout? No need to immediately stop and run to do other things. Slow down, relax your muscles. When you understand that the body is already not so warmed up, and breathing has become calmer, you can stop exercising.

Elliptical trainers are suitable for almost everyone. The programs built into them make it possible to adjust the level of load, thereby controlling the intensity of the workout.

Therefore, the simulator will be a good option both for a professional athlete and for a person who comes to the gym for the first time in life.

It’s perfect for those who want to improve their health, get rid of excess weight, tighten their body, work on problem areas and just keep the body in good shape.