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Is Staying Healthy Worth It?

There are many reasons that people struggle with having what is considered as “good health” the more people that go about doing what is convenient, not accurate. If one were to relate this to a firefighter, for example, it’s clear that in order to be successful in a job, one has to work as hard as possible. Many people think that protein drinks and zero calories food are the best way to lose weight. There is nothing that will beat exercise. The more a person works out, stays active, and maintains a healthy diet the more they will lose weight. In addition, having good health does not mean meeting a very slim individual. The media portrays skinny, little, models as the ideal body type. However, those models usually have had or still have eating disorders which make it difficult to have children in the future. Nevertheless, that is why Benjamin Harow suggests some form of fitness is recommended in addition to eating better. There are so many online platforms that can educate people on nutrition and fitness facts. Of course, speaking to a physician is of the utmost importance which is why good nutrition does not happen overnight. 

Many doctors recommend that their patients start slow and work their way up to a more balanced lifestyle. If a person decides overnight that they want to half as many calories a day and cut out all sugar, it will most likely not go well. This is simply because our bodies take time to adjust to new fitness routines. If a person is eating a sustainable amount of sugar a day, the craving will continue for days, even weeks. Stopping it, cold turkey, is never a good idea. Another way of controlling the intake of food is by portioning it out. This way, once the dish is done, there is no possibility for more food. This is also grst for anyone who tracks their calories and wants to understand how much protein, carbohydrates, and sugar are in each portion. Although this is difficult at first, there are many resources avoidable for people to sift through from.

Social media offers a variety of fitness tips and tricks. There are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that are dedicated to keeping people healthy and fit. If a person is lacking motivation, it’s best if they follow a few social media platforms to ensure the best quality results. So many people of all shapes and sizes are controlled by the stereotypes around people’s bodies. It’s unfortunate that there are men and women who are constantly comparing themselves to the real stereotype. Make sure to check what needs to be improved on the inside rather than the outside. Doctors like  Benjamin Harow know that the transition onto a healthier mindset is the first step to being healthy. Fitness starts from within. Lastly, subtracting negative social media accounts and focusing on one’s own journeys is definitely the best way to stay healthy. 

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