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Keeping Your Roots Healthy

To grow a healthy cannabis plant, it is essential to ensure a healthy root system. Roots are the most prominent part of a plant providing all the necessary ingredients to the plant for its proper growth. The root transfers water, oxygen, and nutrients to the entire plant by pulling it from the soil. Plants, with the help of essential nutrients, can perform photosynthesis. If the root is not healthy, then there will be many problems when it comes to providing the primary nutrients and oxygen to the plants, gradually damaging the plant’s health.

Cannabis roots entirely depend on the soil system for its nutrients, oxygen, and water. Marijuana growers ensure the roots are well intact and robust enough during its growing period rather than caring for the plant.

Below are the main ingredients that will help you to keep your roots healthy and give you the best harvest every year.


Oxygen is a very vital source for roots to keep the plants healthy. The roots of the marijuana plant during cellular respiration uptake oxygen through which ATP energy is created. Oxygen is essential as, without it, the plants will not be able to grow. There are several steps you can take to keep your cannabis roots in the best shape throughout the year. Always ensure to keep the soil dry between watering. During the dry state, the roots take in oxygen. You can also use smart pots, which are made of porous materials. Porous material allows the oxygen to get inside the roots, which is best for a growing cannabis plant. Using complete soil allows fungi, insects, and microbes to thrive, which keeps the soil loose, and it is suitable for roots.


Marijuana roots require nearly 24 degrees during growing and are generally active during the night. You can grow a different crop, such as the clover crop. Clover crops help maintain the soil temperature, which is adequate for marijuana roots. You can also use a mulch to keep the soil temperature moderate as required by these plants. For more references, you can always visit ILGM blogs. This website has some of the best tips and tricks that will offer you a perfect solution for all your weed planting issues.


Water is a vital ingredient for growing marijuana plants as they continuously need water. During the growth stage, marijuana roots need water throughout the day as they are responsible for ensuring the entire plant receives the right moisture. Marijuana plants thrive best when provided an adequate amount of water, especially during their growth cycle. Try to slowly increase the water that you provide each day while the plant is in the growing stage. This is an easy step to provide the roots with an adequate amount of water supply as required. Ensure that you water the marijuana plants only when the topsoil is completely dry for the best results.


 Marijuana plants thrive well when they are given space. The roots require ample space to seek out water, oxygen, and other nutrients. If the plants are grown in small spaces, then they will shrink as the roots cannot supply the right amount of water and oxygen to the plant. If growing a marijuana plant in a pot, keep an eye on its growth and change its size as required.