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Making Soap From Home

Not everyone is very crafty, but for those of you that are, there’s a very broad spectrum in that creative world. But everyone has one thing in common – they like making things. Particularly useful or good looking things. Being able to make your own toiletries such as soap, lip balm, and lotion has it’s benefits, since you’re able to cater to your specific needs and desires, but it also helps to be able to make what you need without needing to make a store run. Here are some ingredients that you’ll need to make your own soap at home.

Essential Oils

Not a necessary ingredient for soap, but essential oils are a great addition to any soap, lotion, or lip balm you may be adding. Not only can these add a great scent to your toiletry, but can also create a warming, or a cooling sensation when they come in contact with your skin, creating a very refreshing and relaxing soap or lotion to use. 

Oil and Lye

The backbone of any soap, oil and lye are what bond to create the soap itself. This results in a nice bar of soap in and of itself, but will lack any sort of coloring, scent, or sensations. It will also be completely smooth, so you’ll also need to add more ingredients if you’re looking for something more exfoliating. As far as oil goes, you can use any sort of oil or fat you’d like, although i’m not too sure motor oil would be effective, or ideal. But vegetable oil, canola oil, and olive oil are all up for grabs. But mixed oils are preferred.


Antioxidants are another important part of any soap, since they will help keep your oils stable in the soap, and prevent them from free-floating. A couple examples are grapefruit seed and rosemary extract.

Allergens – Beware 

Something to be cautious of, and may seem like a no brainer, is to make sure you don’t put anything you are allergic to in your soaps and lotions. It’s an easy mistake to make when you are making soap for gifts, or to sell, and can lead to nasty results and possible lawsuits. Keep it simple, and your usually a lot better off. Track everything that goes into your soap recipe and make sure you label it properly and professionally if you will be listing it for sale!

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