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Myths about Cannabis

The legalisation of Marijuana becoming more common across more countries has caused somewhat of a backlash.

While we’re all just happy whenever we find discounts on our favourite plant, other people don’t like the idea of it.

These people like to pedal a few myths about Marijuana, in an attempt to prevent it from becoming legalised. But today, I want to try and dispel some of these myths, helping you to be better prepared next time someone says them to you.

Don’t be angry, when one of the safest and harmless drugs on the planet is in the process of being legalised, this kind of thing is to be expected.

  1. It’s addictive 

The first one that we really need to be talking about is this crazy idea that they’re somehow addictive.

Of course, anything can be addictive: shopping, exercise, sex. But in the context of drugs, when we say “addictive” what we mean is chemically dependent. If you stop it, your body is going to react negatively, and this will cause you to behave in ways that you wouldn’t usually to get some.

However, Marijuana isn’t addictive in this sense of the word. But you know what is? Cigarettes and alcohol.

  1. It’s dangerous 

The second myth about Marijuana is that it’s dangerous for your body. And in some cases, this can be true. Marijuana can affect your brain, sometimes permanently. However, this is only the case if you have a young brain which is still developing.

For grown-ups, you can smoke as much weed as you want to, and it’s not going to affect your brain at all. 

As for all the other myths about what it does to your sex life, lungs, blood- all of them are lies.

So long you take it responsibly, Marijuana is perfectly safe. If you’re looking for seeds and you’re located Down Under, you can purchase them online – Sweet Leaf Marijuana has listed some of the best seed banks that ship to Australia.

  1. It causes crime to rise 

Probably one of the most dangerous myths about Cannabis is that it leads to higher crime rates, if we legalise it, the amount of crime is going to soar. But I’m afraid the exact opposite of that is true.

The only reason there is any crime associated with Marijuana is that possessing it is a crime. Should we get rid of this fact, the result is going to be that nobody will be able to commit a crime by merely owning it.

And that is going to be an excellent solution to the overpopulation of prisons problem.

  1. It makes you violent 

When thinking about the kind of person who takes Cannabis, there will be some who will assume they’re violent and unpleasant people.

This is for a variety of historical and social reasons that we won’t be getting into today, 

You are way more likely to be attacked by someone who has been drinking heavily than you are by someone who has been smoking a lot of weed.

Because people are not able to relax with a blunt, many of them will instead opt for relaxing with a beer, which soon turns into another beer, and then another.

  1. It’s for teenagers 

And finally, there’s this idea that Marijuana is just for teenagers.

Many people believe this because the vast majority of people who smoke it are of that age group. But that’s just because it’s illegal.

Teenagers are rebellious by nature, and the only reason they want to is that they’re not allowed to. If this was no longer the case, studies suggest that Marijuana usage among teenagers is likely to drop. Still, adults will be able to access it, without fear of being put into a cell.

This is going to be far better because teenagers are the people who Marijuana is going to negatively affect, not grown-ups. Due to their brains still being undeveloped. 

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