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Nanohydr8 Brings You 8 Interesting Facts About Your Body

Today, I thought I’d tell you 8 interesting things about your body.

1) For every pound of fat we gain, we add seven miles of new blood vessels!

2) The average person is 1/4 inch taller in the morning than the evening.

3) We would need to drink a gallon of water every day for a month to equal the amount of blood our hearts pump in one hour.
(That’s at rest, so if we are working out, it’s more than twice that much!)

4) By the age of 18, we have all our brain cells and from that point on, we lose about 1,000 a day.  I can only imagine how many I’ve lost from years of getting punched in the face.

5) Human bone can support four times as much weight as concrete.

6) When we are born, we have 350 bones, but no knee caps, and by the time we are adults we have a knee cap but only 206 bones.

7) Our brains have over 100 Trillion nerve connections, which is 2,500 times more than there are stars in our galaxy!

8) Nanohydr8 facilitates the electrical connection for all 100 Trillion of these connections!

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