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Plastic Surgery in Phoenix. What You Need to Know.

If you are a woman considering having your breast tissue reconstructed after a recovery from a mastectomy you should seek out the best breast reconstruction Phoenix has to offer. Here at Aesthetic and Restorative Breast Center, we want to provide women with a chance to feel like themselves again. We can return the breast tissue to a normal shape and appearance after a mastectomy or any other medical procedure requiring the removal of breast tissue. We can even help those who have had uneven breasts since birth and implant ruptures. Call us today to find out your options and start the process to regaining a sense of feminity, sensuality and personal confidence you may have lost. Studies show that many women respond very positively to reconstruction surgery. It can help them mentally and emotionally after a traumatic event resulting in the loss or damage to breast tissue.

Drs. Torabi and Matatov use the latest in medical advancements to partially or totally rebuild the breast that was lost. Our medical staff support every patient with compassion, sensitivity and expert care. We are passionately dedicated to women overall wellbeing and restorative surgery can be one of the best ways to do that for those suffering from the loss or injury to their breasts. We offer all types of reconstruction plastic surgery including DEIP flap, PAP flap, composite stacked flap, Oncoplastic lumpectomy, and direct to implant. Our initial consult will walk you through which option is going to give you the best results.

Our medical practice also offers other elective and covered plastic surgeries. We have a variety of non-evasive procedures that can help men and women achieve their ideal aesthetic look. Elite Plastic Surgery Phoenix believes in your beauty and uses only the top proven procedure to help you achieve your new look. Our nurses and surgeons offer compassion and expertise to every client. They go the extra mile when it comes to aftercare, follow-up and initial planning to ensure your results are ideal. Our list of available procedures is extensive and includes a variety of breasts, body, hand, skin and non-surgical. Our offices located in phoenix have private consultation rooms and rooms for minor procedures.  Surgeons at Elite also have extensive medical privileges at local hospitals and surgical centers. We are dedicated to changing lives through plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Our surgeons are also considered top of their field in the phoenix area and Have years of experience. Choosing the right Doctor for your plastic surgery can have a massive effect on the results you end up with.  A skilled surgeon knows exactly how to minimize scarring and how to use well-hidden incisions. This choice is also vital to your aftercare. You want to be back on your feet and able to resume regular activity as soon as possible. The right medical team can facility and provide comprehensive care to ensure you heal with minimal pain. You can fill out a request for a consultation and quickly be in touch with our staff to schedule a visit to our offices.