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Problem with door dashing kitten. Help!

A few months back, my boyfriend and I adopted a kitten who is now 6 months old. I read multiple things about leash training kittens and how it is good for their health, and thought it would be good if we could take him on walks (or to the park) with our dog. We have been working on the training, however it seems to have created more problems. He now is a "door dasher" and tries to escape every chance he gets.

Tonight was the last straw after he darted out of our apartment 3 times. The first two times he hid under our cars. The 3rd time, he ran into a heavily wooded ditch, and into a pipe that leads into the hill our building is on. We got incredibly lucky and found him by shaking a treat bag and luring him back towards us.

How do we "un-train" this behavior or fix it? Should we teach him proper outdoor behavior and somehow find a way to teach him that he only is allowed outside on a leash and harness? Or do we just confine him to indoors permanently and try to get some type of enclosure that attaches to a window to allow him some fresh air? (What I am leaning towards at this point.)

—- I have had a dog for 8 years, and know how to train them. Apparently, even with tons of research, training cats is a totally different ballgame.

We don't want to lose our kitten, and are really concerned about this. Any advice would be immensely appreciated as we are now incredibly concerned about trying to do something as simple as entering or leaving our apartment.


TLDR; Kitten is in the middle of being leash trained, but now darts out of the door and into dangerous areas where he is very likely to get lost (or worse). Advice needed on correcting issue.

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