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Re-Think Smoking: Enjoy a Little Puff at Work Again in the UK

The life of a smoker is not easy. Smokers aren’t allowed to smoke in many establishments. People frown at them, and there are even legislative policies proposals attempting to stop paying medical bills of people who smoke.
Things are even harder for a smoker who wants to take a puff at work and can’t, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for smokers who are taking up vape pens instead.
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Smoking at Work is Just a Headache

There is no doubt that being a smoker and attempting to satisfy your need to smoke at work does not really pan out well.
First of all, there is a ban on smoking on enclosed premises with few exceptions. This means that a smoker cannot really smoke inside their workplace without facing the possibility of not only getting in trouble at work but getting fined. The fine could be as high as £200, and no one wants to give up that kind of money just to smoke.
It should also be pointed out that people are simply not too friendly to smokers. This is normally associated to the side-effects linked to second-hand smoke since most people are quite educated with all the risks that are exasperated after being exposed to second-hand smoke like respiratory issues and even certain cancers.

Fighting to Smoke is Not Worth It

The fight to smoke loses momentum as time passes by.
The rise of health consciousness is not only getting more people to quit, but it also makes sure others do not even start smoking. This means that designated workplace areas where one can smoke may begin to disappear at some point. More than that, those who like to connect with others and talk may start to feel a little lonely since many employees will likely not have a designated place for smokers.
Besides, all the negative effects linked to smoking should be enough for most people to question this habit, especially when there are effective alternatives today. One alternative worth considering is vaping, especially since there is no workplace law against the vape pen.

The Rise of the Vape Pen in the UK

Vaping is not banned from the workplace or other enclosed areas. Furthermore, it is also becoming quite popular among younger generations in the UK, making it easier to enjoy even in the workplace. Those who want to enjoy the company of your fellow employees may be able to do so once again by simply switching from smoking to vaping.
The popularity of vaping does not mean employers are not making up their own workplace policies regarding vaping, but they will likely be a little more lenient since vaping is not nearly as harmful as regular cigarettes can be.
People are not too scared of secondhand smoke with e-cigarettes, especially since the ingredients in the oils are not as harmful as the ones in regular cigarettes, which explains why there is newfound freedom in vaping for people who like to puff from time to time.
This new device may be less harmful than regular cigarettes, but that does not mean the experience is any less satisfying. It seems that many people have actually used vape pens to quit smoking and have had an easier time doing so since the two habits are similar.
There is no telling how integrated vaping is going to be in the workplace, but it does seem to be the go-to option for those who need a little peace-inducing puff at work where things can get a little hectic. Hopefully, these points make it easier to make a decision regarding smoking habits and how those habits can fit into your work life.
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