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Say “no” for These Makeup Tricks Especially on Your Wedding!

Makeup can either make or break your looks and just imagine on your wedding day if you end up looking a clown? Well, no one wants such disasters to happen on her wedding day because that’s a special day and every moment has to be cherished forever. You need to cut a dash and look like a million dollars because it’s your day of course.
Well, as a wedding makeup artist, you can be extremely creative but keeping your hands away from these things can make you the best wedding makeup artist who would become famous for their wedding makeup looks. Wow! This sounds cool, isn’t it? Well, then it’s time to go through these tips which you should remember to avoid for achieving stunning looks. 

  1. It’s not Experiment time

Remember that it is your client’s wedding and not the right time to try something new. Hence, you must keep your hands away from trying anything new as the chances of ruining the looks can be extremely higher.
For instance, if you have never tried the golden makeup looks until now then, this is certainly not the time to experiment. You need to always recommend the natural wedding makeup or the looks which you have already tried your hands on.

  1. Trends don’t work all the time

A celebrity may be following a certain trend to grab attention from her followers but, that does not give you the liberty to try on your clients. The first rule of makeup is that you need to go by the color theory and choose the right colors for bringing the best results out. If you end up following trends then, you would certainly be caught up in an endless loop of never-ending confusions. Anything used in excess can kill your looks. Well, your wedding day is certainly not a fashion show hence; you must get the best wedding hair and makeup.

  1. Don’t let the bride wear lip gloss

Lip glosses are super stained creating agents, and they also wear off easily leaving the face dull and pale. On your wedding, it is necessary to use long-lasting makeup as you may have to pose for quite dozens of photographs. Thus, wearing a lip gloss is not a great idea. Use bright colored lipsticks and use the trick of dabbing powder between several coatings of lipstick and remain fresh throughout your wedding. 

  1. Shimmering can go wrong too!

A lot of brides these days want artificial glowing skin and end up using the shimmers almost all over their face. A lot of professional artists suggest using shimmers only on the cheekbones and especially on the top and also on the bow of the cupid as this can give those dazzling looks. Adding shimmer on complete cheeks or anywhere else on the face can make the face look greasy, and this can again kill those bright looks.

  1. Eyes too dramatic

Indian wedding makeup involves a lot around highlighting the eyes because Indian women are blessed with beautiful eyes. Using too much of black in and around the eyes can make the eye makeup look extremely dramatic and harsh as well. Hence, using the right shades of eyeshadows, kohl and mascara are needed according to the eye color. 

  1. Face Spa

Facials and Face Spa can prepare your skin perfectly for achieving the best wedding looks because the first and the foremost thing to do is to get a clear skin and this is what makes the makeup long-lasting. There have to be multiple sittings recommended, and this can be one of the wedding makeup ideas we got from which can make you the best wedding makeup artist.

  1. Creamy formula based concealer is the right one

Dark circles and blemishes can be a major put-off during your weddings and incorporation of the right kind of a concealer can actually be a great benefit. A concealer with a creamy based formula will provide full coverage and also covers those unwanted scars and blemishes for a long time resulting in good-looking you also the photographs. 

  1. Create memories with less sparkle

Any product which creates a sparkling look to your face has to be used during the wedding but, you should never use anything which can make your skin sparkle unnaturally. Well, you may be looking divine with those makeup products on your wedding day but, in the photographs, you would certainly look dull, and this is not what you want, isn’t it?

  1. Say no to a normal mascara

Wedding eye makeup is an extravaganza and getting the right kind of looks is quite important. If you want your eyes to be glowing throughout your wedding and also in the photographs refuse to use the normal mascara, you need to quickly replace it with a water-proof one else, instead of looking beautiful you may end up scaring the daylights of your spouse.

  1. Reapplication of powder

Carrying a pressed powder is nice but, doing this can make your face look cakey and oily as well. Hence, you need to go in for a setting spray. This can help your makeup to stay for longer duration and keeps you fresh throughout the event as they are sweat-proof.

  1. Don’t fight that oily skin

Are you scared of your makeup wearing off quickly because of your oily skin? Well, carry blotting sheets with you and press them gently every time you need to clear that extra oil from your face. This is quite simple, isn’t it? While a lot of people recommend pressing powders, you must certainly say, “No” to this idea as a makeup artist.
For a big fat wedding, it is important to know things that you should not be doing because being aware can help you make the best makeup artist and your client the most gorgeous bride ever. These are some of the things which must certainly be avoided to achieve those great wedding looks. Become a master makeup artist by learning these things today!