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Should Men Get Manicures?

It’s a conundrum that most modern men out there know that a manicure will definitely improve their appearance and it’s healthy too, but they are also aware of the fact that there are a lot of social apprehensions associated with manicures and femininity. In truth though, manicures are not exclusive to one gender or the other and there are plenty of reasons as to why even the most masculine men opt for a manicure or two, every once in a while. Just in case you are wondering what those reasons actually are, we have you covered with the following seven.

The Importance of the Hand

The handshake is integral to making an impression, be it in a business setting or a personal one, and if you are trying to shake hands with chipped, chewed and asymmetrical nails, that impression is not going to be a very good one because believe it or not, everyone checks out the other person’s nails all the time. Grooming is essential to making an impression, so having well-groomed fingernails is just as important as having a good haircut, wearing well-ironed attire and polished shoes.

Manicures are Not Exactly What Most Men Think They Are

Although painting the nails is generally a part of manicure sessions for women, it isn’t necessary and men’s manicures do not include nail painting unless you want it to. Just like shaving, bathing, and brushing, it’s a healthy, hygienic practice to look and feel good. The cuticles will be pushed back to allow natural growth of the nails and the nails themselves will be sized/clipped/filed meticulously. The chafed, dry skin on your fingers will be taken care of, while any existing callouses will be made softer by the end of the session. Contrary to popular belief, when you come out of the salon after your manicure, your hands will not look feminine; just cleaner, moisturized and as masculine as ever.

Manicures for Men are Not as Uncommon as You May Think

While it may not seem like it, a lot of men go for manicures these days and they go for them regularly. This has largely removed the social stigma associated previously with male manicures quite a bit. Not everyone who goes for manicures will tell you though, but rest assured that those perfect, matte finished fingernails your colleague has do not grow naturally.

Manicures are Healthy

Both pedicures and manicures are healthy for all of us, irrespective of the sex. If anything, some men may need even more attention than most women because keeping those nails clean, clear and short at all times is a necessity in their job. One cannot expect people in the health profession to have unkempt nails and chaffy fingers, while those that must get their hands dirty while working need to make sure that they don’t carry germs around in their unmaintained fingernails. The bacteria or the pollutants can and probably will at some point make their way into the bloodstream. Infected fingernails and general hangnails are often a result of overgrown cuticles that block the natural growth of the nails. Regular manicure sessions not only keep your nails short and push back your cuticles, but in the process, they also rid your nails of bacteria and tiny debris as well. As an added benefit, you won’t end up damaging your skin with those jagged nails while trying to scratch an itch!

Manicures are Perfect for Relaxation

Aside from being a grooming service, manicures and pedicures are also excellent ways to relax for a few hours and recharge your batteries for the next day. Destressing at a nail salon may not fit into your idea of a manly evening, but every once in a while, it can be a refreshing change. In fact, it could be the perfect time to bond with your wife or girlfriend as well, if you can schedule a joint appointment.

Breaking Stereotypical Mentality

The less someone limits themselves on account of social stigmas and taboos, the more likely are they to enjoy better life experiences. In order to break out of the narrow mindset, just go for a session and see if you actually like it enough to go back. If you don’t, nobody is pushing you to go back, but by going just once or twice, you have broken that mental barrier and now you can make an informed decision, rather than limiting yourself in fear of social prejudice. It’s important to try out something new every once in a while, and if that change makes you feel and look good, even better.

It Makes You Feel Good

If you think that manicures have anything to do with masculinity, then just look at the likes of Brad Pitt and Snoop Dog, who make it no secret that they like their manicures. In truth, there’s nothing masculine about manicures, just like there’s nothing feminine about it. It’s a fact that more women go for it than men at the moment, but that’s just a detail. For example, macho actors with long hair like Jason Momoa or Keanu Reeves never looked any less macho just because more women have long hair than men! If manicures make you look and feel better about yourself, there’s absolutely no reason to stop yourself. Start small and just get your nails filled and cleaned on the first day.

Rough skin with scabs on your fingers isn’t as “manly” in modern society as some may think and if you work and travel in a sophisticated world, it will be seen as a sign of neglect and ill-hygiene instead. However, it is important to find a well-reviewed nail salon for the manicure before you actually go there because the quality of the work will play a big role, especially if it’s your first time in a nail salon. Given the wide list of nail salons available, finding one shouldn’t really be a problem though. Just one session at the right place might change your perception forever.

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