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Stay Motivated To Keep Fit In Cold Weather

Seasonal colder weather can get many of us in a low mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder and a lack of sun has real physiological effects on our bodies and minds. When it’s warm, it’seasier to get outside for a run or hike in the sunshine. It’s tough to stay motivated to keep fit when it’s cold, cozy at home, and you feel sluggish. How do can you resist the temptation to batten down the hatches and stay cooped up all fall and winter long?
Involve Others
When you make plans to do a regular activity with friends and create a schedule, it helps tremendously with motivation. You’re accountable to others and you can help drag each other off the couch, spend quality time together, and remind one another why this is worth doing. Activities may include: attending a fitness class at the local community centre, venturing out on hikes at parks, in conservation areas, and for urban walks, or practicing yoga every Sunday morning at each other’s homes.
Plan fun physical activities with the family. This will not only increase your togetherness and bonding time, but it will help the kids use their pent-up energy, too. An all-weather, Springfree Trampoline is a unique idea that will get the whole family jumping and having a blast.
Be sure to look through the best selection of trampolines that are high quality, constructed to withstand winter weather, are safe, have no springs, and come with soft safety walls for secure bouncing fun. Of course, adults can enjoy trampolining as a fitness activity solo, as well. Other ideas include playing in the snow building forts and snowmen, winter sports like snowshoeing and skiing, nature hikes, backyard games like tag andwinter croquet(make sure to not use any white balls that blend in with the snow).
Make Better Food Choices
With cold weather comes the extended holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving and ends with leftovers that last into January. Your fitness goals may already be associated with losing weight, so eating a healthy diet surely helps with this plan.
Eating better also gives you more energy and doesn’t make you feel weighed down or too full to move. Posing in a Downward Dog position or jumping on your trampoline is the last thing you want to do after eating a large, greasy meal. Cold weather is another great excuse to stay in and cook. Choose delicious, savory recipes that are packed with nutrients and contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, and unsaturated fats.
Healthy foods that give you energy will make you feel full and satisfied without feeling sick. And when you stay hydrated with plenty of water and eat regular,fresh, homemade meals, your energy levels will rise.Dinners with family and friends after a day of fun will also encourage you to cook.
Prepare For The Cold
Doing any of the above is doomed to fail if you’re not prepared beforehand. Purchase adequate, warm fitness gear if you’re planning on forming a Saturday morning hiking group and bring along an insulated water bottle. Check out classes that haven’t started yet to ensure you can get on the list.
Make a plan with the family the day before to enjoy an afternoon bouncing on the trampoline and building a snowman – don’t just spring it on them five minutes beforehand. Having the gear you need and a plan ready will help generate excitement, which helps with motivation, too.
With adequate planning and involving others, you can stay motivated all year ‘round by making fitness and foodactivities fun and shared.