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The Fascia Guru and Her FasciaBlaster

Who is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black created, designed, and engineered the FasciaBlaster tools; it is the safe, non-invasive alternative treatments for cellulite. Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster has quickly transformed into nothing less than a household name across the wellness industry.  The invention and the family of products created alongside the FasciaBlaster have given Ashley Black fame and a multimillionaire’s salary, but the road that brought her to this moment wasn’t an easy one for her to follow. The rocky terrain that life handed Ashley Black at the beginning of her life was so perilous most people would not have had the strength to come out the other end alive.

Ashley Black did.

Ashley’s Life-Altering Setback

Ashley Black was born with a debilitating form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which instilled the drive within her to defy the odds. In spite of her condition, she went on to become a competitive gymnast in HighSchool, later becoming a fitness instructor and competitive dancer during her time in college.

Ashley’s Life-Altering Setback – Round Two

The FasciaBlaster creator faced another setback to her health in her mid-twenties when, after a routine hospital visit, bone-eating bacteria infected and spread leaving Ashley with severe damage to her hip, pelvis, and spine. Once again, the doctors told her that the damage would leave her disabled and in pain for the rest of her life. And once again, despite this achingly grim prognosis, Ashley Black was determined to overcome this debilitating circumstance and show everyone watching exactly how resilient and amazing the human body, when led by the will and focused determination of a thousand armies, can be.

On the Hunt for FasciaBlaster

After Ashley traveled to India and received custom pelvic and hip implants to help with her mobility, she began to travel around the world, studying various medical techniques that would help to relieve her pain. This worldwide journey led to her discovery of techniques and remedies that facilitated her return to a functional life. Ashley knew all along that this journey of healing would not be complete until she was able to take what she had learned and the techniques that had played a significant part in easing her pain, reassembling her strength was shaped and packaged and given back to a large community of people, just like her, who were facing the same ‘achingly grim prognosis.’

Through the study and research of fascia, Ashley Black developed new solutions to manage pain and the knowledge to help others do the same. At this moment, the FasciaBlaster began to take form.

Ashley Black returned to the United States and was hit with overwhelming acclaim and excitement when sharing the pain-mitigating techniques she had developed; allowing her to open a number of Fasciology clinics based on her techniques. These facilities were used to help those in need and train health and medical professionals to use the pain-alleviating methods she had cultivated through her research and discovery across the vast scope of what people call “the world of medicine.” Despite the great success of the Fasciology clinics,  Ashley Black still believed that people should be able to heal themselves and become more than they ever thought possible. Ashley Black wanted to create an easy, but effective way for people to apply her fascial treatments she created to their own diagnosis and performance needs. Once again, Ashley’s journey took another big step closer to the revelatory moment when the FasciaBlaster took shape in her mind.

What is the FasciaBlaster? (and the FasciaBlaster tools)

Fascia is a communication system, delivering brain to body and body to brain messages. It’s the primary sensory organ so it’s crucial in the role of pain sensory. Fascia is also a fluid system, so it’s very imperative that fascia fluids flow, just like other fluid systems, like the blood and lymphatic systems. Fascia is best known as connective tissue. It’s the membrane that coats our muscles (and our organs and other structures like the brain) and penetrates them to help maintain muscle alignment. When there are issues with the fascia system in our body, it can lead to pain, muscle rigidity, decreased joint function, inadequate blood circulation, reduced muscle definition and performance, inactive nerves, lousy posture, and increase the formation of cellulite–the FasciaBlaster combats these symptoms to eventually alleviate all of these issues. The FasciaBlaster fits in your hand comfortably and is used to break up fascial adhesions and fat deposits trapped under the skin all over the body. The FasciaBlaster  works by massaging the underlying layer of muscle, allowing fat deposits that are trapped within and under the muscles to disperse faster.

Sound too good to be true?

The FasciaBlaster tools have been peer-reviewed and published in medical journals, so it’s no wonder customers see life-changing results.

Is the FasciaBlaster Easy to Use?

FasciaBlaster’s design makes it straightforward and easy to use. Ashley Black herself takes you through each step of this easy-to-follow process in this video:

FasciaBlaster® 101 – how to use the FasciaBlaster®.

How Do You Use The FasciaBlaster?

   Welcome to FasciaBlaster 101 (Your Step by Step Guide to Proper FasciaBlasting)

  1. Before blasting, get warm, to increase your blood circulation and reduce the pain on the skin when blasting. This warm bath is not required but it makes the experience more enjoyable and productive.
  2. Apply oil to the area you plan to work on. This will help to reduce the friction of the device against your skin.
  3. Use the FasciaBlaster to smooth out the oil over the skin evenly to prepare for the blast. You don’t need to touch the oil with your hands, and this gives you a good grip on the tools.
  4. Using your FasciaBlaster, and, at first, lightly (at the skin level) massage the area you are focused on working. By beginning carefully, you can note the parts of the body that are already reacting to and sore from the light touch and you can continue at this same light pressure until you’re ready for more in-depth work.
  5. If you feel no discomfort to mild discomfort while blasting at the skin level, then you can slowly and steadily tighten your grip, and press down a bit harder to get below the skin level to the fascia level to start working to break up adhesions and smooth the fascia.
  6. Throughout your entire Fasciablasting session, you want to keep a steady back and forth motion, (like a washboard) not changing the speed when you change levels of pressure.

NOTE: You might feel knots that creep up in the fascia and your impulse will want to focus on that particular spot by shortening and quickening your stroke, and that’s okay to do, but always return to a full stroke after the area of focus. Think of fascia knots like knots in your hair, and you are just whisking through it finely to alleviate the knot a little at a time.

7. Your Fasciablasting strokes should be quick, steady, and unidirectional (going in one direction or ‘back and forth’)

8. Repeat this with your FasciaBlaster 3 to 4 times each week or as often as you like as long as you’re not sore from blasting. It’s great for muscle fatigue from overuse or a tough workout. 

When fasciablasting for the first time, FasciaBlaster participants, be very aware and pay special attention to your POSTURE.  If you blast with back hunched over and your neck strained forward, you could quite possibly run into some neck and back pain issues along the way. SO…  make sure when you go to blast that your return is neutral, engage your core abdominal muscles, relax your shoulder, resting down and comfortable. 

For more information on all things FasciaBlaster including dynamite tutorials from Ashley Black herself on the steps to properly blast, Click on the link below:


***Do not ever use your FasciaBlaster in a circular motion. Not because there is any danger, but because it’s not useful when working on eliminating the fascia.

Ashley Black Guru

Beyond the FasciaBlaster, Ashley Black has designed several inventions specifically focused on helping people with their fascia health. From the beginning, she knew that she wanted to create more products in the future. She decided to consolidate her inventions and ideas into a collective brand. That is how Ashley Black Guru came to be.  It is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, with over an astonishing 700% increase in growth in three years of business. Ashley Black has already sold over a million FasciaBlaster products since the creation of her company.

The Mission of Ashley Black Guru

The ultimate goal of Ashley Black Guru is to continue the advancement of the science of Fasciology. Currently, Ashley Black and the Guru/FasciaBlaster team have their hands full, expanding her FasciaBlaster product line to a global market to ensure the whole world can benefit from her treatment methods.  Ashley also plans to train future Fasciologists through the development of a college curriculum and by sharing her research and methodology with medical professionals at global conferences.

Finally, Ashley plans to create a series of documentaries about fascia to educate the general public on the importance of fascia to our body’s health and well-being.

And it all started with the FasciaBlaster!

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  2. Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster really saved my life in a big way. I was in so much pain every moment of every day and without Ashley and that self-massage tool that I could use at home every day… along with Ashley and her tutorials on the website to guide me… i transformed my life in a matter of weeks.

    I blast five times a week and I a,m a devoted fan of Fasciablaster and Ashley Black. She gave me my life back and I will never know how to repay her, but to do this when I see an article or a story about her to tell everyone what she did for me.

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