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Top 3 air purifier for whole house

Health and wellness are an important aspect of life. If you are not living in favorable conditions, you won’t be able to maintain your fitness or mental health. In modern home structures, central heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system is installed to keep the air clean and pure. This system is commonly known as HVAC and any HVAC works as a filter. It cleans the air in your apartment or your home so the residents can breathe in fresh air. Air purifier for the whole house come in big sizes that are further connected to the heating, ventilation, and air condition systems so that they could filter the air from where it is being spread into all rooms and floors. Even if you smoke in your house, you might need to switch on the air purifier to filter the air from smoke. When you turn on the air purifier for the whole house and it will start filtering the air from the main source so you will get fresh air through your vents. Some people get concerned about the sound but air purifier for whole house doesn’t make a loud sound.

Here, we have listed a few air purifiers for whole house that are top rated in 2020.

Aprilaire 5000 Whole House Air Purifier

The brands represent its value, so it is obvious that Aprilaire 5000 is our top choice for air purifier whole house. According to different reviews, it is a premium electronic air cleaner. It is proved that it removes 98 % of dust, allergens, and smoke particles. Not only these, but it also eliminates the bacteria, viruses, and microns. This air purifier has four air cleaning setting that works effectively to clean out the bad air in your house. One of the best things about this air purifier is that it can be used as a solo air purifier and can be linked to the HVAC. Some users suggest installing this with the HVAC system to work brilliantly.

IQAir New Edition GC MultiGas Air Purifier

This one is designed to work effectively in large space, 1125 square feet to be precise. This one comes along with four disposable cartridges. It has a GC Multigas feature, under this feature, the air is purified of different gases that gather in the house. Different features can be handled through the sophisticated timer. This one claims to remove germs, microns, gases, smoke, and dust all by 99.5 %. The machine operates automatically but it has a feature that can be programmed for later uses.

Air Oasis AO3000 Residential Air Sanifier Purifier:

For a bigger house, you might need to install a giant air purifier that has the capacity to cover large space. The 3-Air Oasis AO3000 Residential Air Sanifier Purifier can cover up to 3000 square feet. It’s machinery it the epitome of quality. It is designed according to the North American electrical standards. Besides homes, it can be used in offices and other commercial buildings to keep the air pure. It can be a great choice where you face air containment issues.