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Top 4 Tips For Choosing Your First Pair Of Glasses

If you or your eye doctor have decided that the time is now to get your first pair of glasses, don’t worry.

Approximately three out of every four people need some form of vision correction, which is most easily remedied by wearing either contact lenses or glasses, so you’re definitely not alone.

Here are the top four tips for choosing the best pair of glasses for you:

1. Make Sure The Glasses Are Proportional To Your Face

The frames of your glasses should be proportional to your face. While you generally want to buy larger sized sunglasses so your eyes are completely covered, for normal glasses this rule doesn’t necessarily hold. If your glasses look too big or too small on your face, it will show.

2. Select Colors That Match Your Tone

Next, select a pair with frames that match the tone of your skin. It’s more important for your frame to match your skin rather than the color of your eyes or hair.

If your skin has an overall lighter tone to it, then the best colors of frames to go with will be golden, beige, light blue, light green, or a light brown. If you have skin with an overall darker complexion, then the best frame colors will be purple, black, silver, dark blue, gray, or dark blue.

3. Select Different Glasses For Different Needs

It would be wise to buy more than one pair of glasses, not only so you have backups, but so you also have different glasses for different purposes. For example, in a business environment, the best types of glasses will be one with a more oval or rectangle shape, and with black or silver frames.

For a creative professional, the best frames will be a more modern style with a geometric design and brighter or more noticeable colors such as purple, pink, green, or blue. If you want glasses that are more casual, go with ones that are more basic and functional, and with a darker color of frame such as dark red, black, or brown.

4. Stick Within Your Budget

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to stick within your budget. Glasses can cost hundreds of dollars and you don’t want to purchase a pair that you can’t afford. A good rule to follow will be to make a list of all the available models that are within your stated price range, and then narrow down your overall selection from there.

If you can’t afford to buy more than one pair of glasses, don’t fret. Just buy one pair for now and then save up to buy another pair in the future.

Choosing Your First Pair Of Glasses

Finding the best pair of glasses will not be as difficult of an endeavor as you may believe it will be so long as you know what to look for. By following the tips in this article, you can more efficiently narrow down your selection to find the best pair of glasses for you.