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Types of Cannabis seeds

There are generally four main types of cannabis seeds that have been popular worldwide. There are specific points to be kept in mind before planning to start cultivating cannabis seeds. Female cannabis seeds are the best for cultivation as it offers cultivators more plants. The male plants produce pollen, which can fertilize the female plants, which is not suitable for cultivators. There are at present, numerous cannabis seeds that you can find on the market. Among them, we will be explaining the top four cannabis seeds that have gained immense popularity.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are widely found in cannabis retail stores and online seed banks worldwide. The regular cannabis seeds consist of both the male and female seeds. In this seed, it is tough to ascertain the number of male and female seeds. Regular cannabis seeds, if cultivated in large amounts, can offer more female seeds than compared to the male seeds. For example, if someone purchases around 20 seeds, ten are male, and ten are female.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

With the rising demand for female seeds among cultivators, the feminized cannabis seeds have gained immense popularity. Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically altered to offer top female seeds. The average percentage of female seeds in feminized cannabis seeds is more than 97%. Cannabis cultivators prefer female cannabis seeds, which make the feminized cannabis seeds very popular. The percentage of THC content in male plants is significantly less when compared to female plants. THC is the substance that provides a high when smoking marijuana. The feminized cannabis seeds go through several tests to confirm they have female seeds more in percentage. The female seeds contain more THC and CBD levels when compared to male plants. White Widow is one of the most well-known cannabis strains – you can order feminized White Widow seeds on

Auto-flowering Cannabis seeds

When the ruderalis plants are crossed with Indica and Sativa plants, they form the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The ruderalis plants have the capability of blooming in short summer sessions. The ruderalis plant contains less amount of THC level when compared to Indica and Sativa plants. There are several reasons why this plant is crossed with the Indica and Sativa plants. Crossing it with Indica and Sativa plants offer better buds and high blooming capacity. The THC level also increases when ruderalis plants are crossed with the Indica and Sativa plants. The ruderalis plants are prevalent and can be found in parts of Russia and Northern Europe. Countries like China and Mongolia also have good production levels and availability of the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. If you want to purchase them online, Green Relief features some of the best online seed banks that ship autoflowering cannabis seeds to the United States and Australia.

The blueberry fruit and AK47 are prominent names in the auto-flowering cannabis seeds market, having wide popularity.

Medicinal Cannabis seeds:

Medicinal cannabis seeds are specially produced to offer support to medicinal cannabis users. Due to the chemical compound and substances, individual seeds of cannabis plants are more preferred for cannabis users. The medicinal cannabis seeds are feminized to keep giving new plants. Medicinal cannabis seeds can offer various advantages to patients and people suffering from various disorders. Some of the advantages offered by these cannabis seeds are mentioned below:

  • Relief from pain
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • It improves blood circulation in the body
  • Suitable for chemotherapy patients as it offers relief
  • It helps to treat nausea disorders in patients.
  • It can solve stress issues.
  • People finding difficulty in sleeping can consume medicinal cannabis for better solutions.

Granddaddy Purple Strain is an award-winning cannabis strain that offers relaxing, heavy-limbed pain relief and helps in better sleep as featured by Sweet Leaf Marijuana.

There are various cannabis seeds available on the market these days, offering high and low THC content levels as per the user’s convenience. Apart from cannabis seeds, the canna seeds are also popular not only in Australia but worldwide. Out of all the seeds, the feminized cannabis seeds are the most popular as it is quite beneficial for marijuana cultivators worldwide.

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