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Types Of Traumatic Tooth Injuries And Their Treatments

In a boxing match, it’s very noticeable that the boxers have to put in a mouthguard before they begin their bouts. This is put in to ensure that their teeth remain intact and aren’t knocked out with a single punch from the opposition. Teeth are very fragile and sensitive parts of our body. So it doesn’t take much to break them. But there’s no need to fret and worry about how it will be possible to patch up broken teeth. Advanced treatment is available that ensures damaged teeth will return to normal in no time. 

No invasive surgery is needed 

If there’s someone who has gone through a major injury to his or her teeth or even several teeth then it’s important to get traumatic tooth injury treatment. It needs to be done as soon as possible do that there’s a maximum chance of preserving the original tooth. There are plenty of accomplished dental clinics like Southcentre dental operated by certified dental doctors who can save the damaged tooth. This will ensure that the patient doesn’t have to get any kind of invasive surgery for implants or get a false tooth put in. Of course, even if it is not possible to get care quick enough to prevent and long term damage, much of this can still be reversed by a skilled cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Aparicio.

Fast action needed

Any incident who tends to damage the tooth has to be severe and painful. The pain is generally excruciating after the accident has taken place. But it must be kept in mind that the delay will cost you. If the patient waits to treat their tooth then there’s a huge chance that it can be too late and there can be irreparable damage. So the aim should be to save the natural tooth. 

What are the different kinds of traumatic injuries treated?

While it may seem like tooth damage is permanent but that’s not the case at all. It’s possible to recover from tooth damage and it can be fully repaired. The only thing which needs to be decided after proper testing is the procedure. So here’s what generally done for different kinds of traumatic tooth injuries: 

  • Chipped Teeth: Generally a reattachment or a filling is enough to get the tooth back to its normal condition. But this only works if the surface of the tooth is cracked or chipped. A root canal may need to be performed if the patient’s tooth pulp gets exposed. This can be done by a certified and experienced Endodontist. Some of the common symptoms include trouble while drinking cold drinks or while breathing. 
  • Root Fracture: The root of the tooth can indeed get fractured as a result of a traumatic injury. This can be a horizontal kind of fracture. How the tooth fares long term could very well depend on where the fracture is located. There’s a better chance of success if the fracture is located quite close to the top of the root. Many times, a splint may be used for stabilizing the injured tooth for some time. 
  • Avulsed Teeth: The tooth can be put back into its socket if it’s handled with care and immediate assistance is given. The tooth can even be properly restored using a root canal later on. Also, it must be noted that immediate assistance mentioned above means that care has to be given within half an hour or less if possible. If the time limit passes then it’s going to get more difficult to save the avulsed tooth. 
  • Extruded Teeth: Root canal generally needs to done to fix the root especially if the patient’s tooth gets pushed out from its original position. But for patients who are 12 years of age or less, there may be alternate options. But a root canal isn’t always used to treat the extruded tooth. Prescription medicine, as well as calcium hydroxide, is used too. Tooth of young patients has a good chance of healing on its own if it gets stabilized.

Traumatic tooth injuries are quite common and it’s nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Care, action, and assistance can save the natural tooth with minimal intervention. So contact your nearest Endodontist to get the needed care as soon as possible. But make sure that the place has the needed technology and the best dentist in Toronto to cater to the patient. They must be able to carry out the root canal and ensure it’s pain-free and comfortable for the patient. Overall, accidents and injuries are unavoidable. One can knock the teeth out or chip it or injure it in other ways either playing a sport or just falling while running. The reasons are endless but there’s a cure for most such injuries that will allow the natural tooth to stay. But two things should always be remembered. To ensure that the natural tooth can be saved fast action is needed and it should be done by specialists.