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Weekly Health Quiz: Anniversary Week Recap

1 Which of the following certifications offers the highest assurance of organic quality and regenerative standards?

All-natural certification
Fair trade certification
USDA 100% Organic certification
Biodynamic certification

Certified biodynamic products adhere to regenerative standards that far surpass USDA 100% organic certification. Neither the “all-natural” label nor fair trade certification offer any guarantee of organic quality or regenerative methods. Learn more.

2 What percentage of cancer incidence can be prevented by raising vitamin D levels to 60 ng/mL?

25 percent
50 percent
80 percent

Brand-new data published by GrassrootsHealth shows 80 percent of cancer incidences could be prevented simply by raising vitamin D to 60 ng/mL from 20 ng/mL. Learn more.

100 percent

3 has offered free health information to the public on the internet for how many years?

12 years
15 years
21 years

After starting a website to share the latest natural health developments in 1997, has been sharing information online for 21 years. Learn more.

27 years

4 Which of the following emotional states has been shown to combat depression and stress, improve heart health, immune function and sleep, and reduce inflammation and pain?


Gratitude triggers release of antidepressant chemicals and improves emotional resiliency, all of which helps combat stress and depression. Gratitude also has many physical benefits, including improved heart health, immune function and sleep, and reduced inflammation and pain. Learn more.


5 This workout is a type of high-intensity interval training known for having beneficial effects on your body’s 16 major muscle groups.

Peak Fitness
Nitric Oxide Dump

One particular HIIT I hope you’ll consider is the Nitric Oxide Dump. It is a four-minute workout featuring four exercises that address your 16 major muscle groups. Learn more.

Abs Interval Workout

6 What groundbreaking health rule took effect across the European Union on July 1, 2018?

Dental amalgam banned from use in children under 15 and pregnant and nursing women

Consumers for Dental Choice successfully facilitated a total ban on dental amalgam for children under 15 and pregnant and nursing women within the European Union, effective as of July 1, 2018. Learn more.

Twenty-five percent soda tax instituted across all European countries
Any fish caught in the Baltic banned for sale to the public due to toxicity
Plastic bags, cups, lids and straws banned across all of Europe

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