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Weighing Your Financing Options for Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery has a mixed reputation. On the one hand, there are many critics, both conservative and liberal, who consider it not only narcissistic but harmful to the way a person sees themselves. They view it as a luxury that should only be undertaken by those who have excess money to spend. On the other hand, there are rational, enthusiastic proponents of cosmetic surgery who point to the psychological benefits of it.

Plastic surgery, according to this camp, can increase self-esteem, help people take ownership of their bodies, and make it easier for many to approach social and work situations with confidence.

The conversation matters, because when it comes to the financial side, only the latter camp will encourage those without a ton of disposable income to get surgery regardless. Since more people have begun seeing plastic surgery as a positive force, it’s moved from the domain of the rich into a realistic option for anyone.

If you’re of this opinion, you may be wondering about plastic surgery financing. Most people can’t afford to pay out of pocket for cosmetic plastic surgery and insurance is unlikely to cover it. One option is to take out a loan.

But what type of loan can you take out for plastic surgery? Here is what you need to know.

Personal loans

Plastic surgery loans are technically personal loans. These loans come with no fixed objective and they’re provided in cash to the borrower, unlike home or car loans that can be directed straight to the seller. You can use a personal loan for whatever purpose you choose.

A personal loan is the best option for cosmetic plastic surgery for a number of reasons.

Low interest rates

The first reason a personal loan is ideal is that you can find options with relatively low interest rates. Other types of ad hoc loans are designed to benefit the lender with no regard for the borrower. For example, same-day loans may charge so much interest that, a few months in, you find yourself struggling to pay anything back, and what you do pay back is not even covering the interest. You get saddled with an endless debt that negatively impacts your credit score.

A personal loan has no fixed interest rate. This means that you’ll get an interest rate according to your own circumstances, including your credit score and your income potential. Some loan companies will even lower your interest rate as your credit score improves.

Diverse options

Another great aspect of personal loans that makes them perfect for cosmetic surgery is that there are many diverse types of loans you can take. You could go with a classic bank loan, although these are more likely to be rigid and come with fixed conditions, or go with loan companies that take new approaches to lending, including online applications, changing interest rates, and adjustable instalment plans.

Alternatively, you can go with innovative concepts like peer-to-peer lending, that matches you with an individual lender who has more to gain from providing low interest rate loans than banks or big corporations.

Personal calculations

When getting a plastic surgery loan, it’s important that you have room for personal calculations of just how much you need. Chances are, you need more than the base amount of the surgery itself. You need to take into account recovery, time spent off work, and more. Your circumstances will be very personal, of course, and may even involve a trip to a different country for cheaper and better surgeries.

Should I get a plastic surgery loan?

Getting a loan for cosmetic plastic surgery is a very personal choice. It depends on how you look at plastic surgery, and whether you’re convinced by your own reasoning for the procedure. Plastic surgery may be something you have wanted for a long time and taking out a loan to make it a reality is a small price to pay.