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What are Slow-digesting Carbs?

The difference between slow-digesting and fast-digesting carbohydrates 

What are carbohydrates? A quick answer is that carbohydrates make up all of the sugars, starches, and fibers in vegetables and milk products. While this topic is very controversial on one hand some claim that carbs are bad and should be avoided at all cost, some argue that its part of a very important healthy diet. While both groups could be right having a balanced diet should be the most important thing for everyone. There are two types of carbohydrates, slow-digesting, and fast-digesting this might be the reason why there is so much controversy around the subject. In this article, we will discuss the difference between these two carbs and how your body processes them differently.

Foods high in carbohydrate

Slow-digesting carbs: These types of carbohydrates your body takes more time to digest. When you give your body slow-digesting carbs your blood sugar rises slowly, and your body produces less insulin calorie for calorie. This is why slow carbs are better for your body they make your body work less while still providing great nutrients. Slow digesting carbs have fiber protein and fat that helps you stay full for a longer time. Slow carbohydrates release energy over a period of time giving you a satisfying feeling. The type of slow-digesting carbs include whole wheat bread, whole grains, oatmeal, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and asparagus. These types of foods are slowly digested by your body and are turned into energy more efficiently. When your body is able to use the energy over a long period of time it uses more calories to burn down the food and makes you stay fuller longer.

Fast digesting carbs: Fast digesting carbs are exactly that, your body digest these carbs fast due to them having too much sugar, they are really good if you need a quick boost of energy. Most people like to consume fast-digesting carbs before a work out as it gives them the energy they will need. Fast carbs come in several different forms like whole, prepackaged, and processed food. These foods spike up your blood which is why you get such high energy.

We recommend that you moderate your intake on these types of foods as they can throw off your glucose levels and lead to health issues in the future. The type of fast-digesting carbs include candy, sports beverages, sodas, white bread, and rice. There are some fruits that fall into this category as well like pressed juices and dried fruits. These types of fruits contain a lot of sugar if you are trying to lose weight we recommend staying away from these fruits and consume foods that are slower to digest. 

Knowing the difference between what fast-digesting carbs are and slow-digesting carbs is very helpful because you can tell the difference between good and bad carbs. You will be able to give your body what it really wants which is all of the nutrients and vitamins that the slow-digesting carbs have to offer. Learning to stay away from slow carbs can be hard at times but trying these few simple tricks may help:

Combine carbs with a protein/fat: You can combine slow carbs like broccoli or asparagus with salmon, chicken, or red meat. This will create a very balanced and healthy meal. 

Choose whole-grain products: Eating whole-grain food allows your body to absorb all of the essential nutrients that that food has to offer. Consuming whole grains may help you reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Because you are not spiking up your glucose levels with highly processed food that turns into sugar your body doesn’t have to adjust itself every time you add new food into your body. 

Avoid instant foods: Like we have mentioned before high overprocess food turns into sugar when your body is trying to digest it. Even if you think it would be considered a good carb just because it’s instant it means that it has been processed and all of the nutrients that your body would benefit from have been ripped away. Food like instant mashed potatoes, pudding, white rice, and instant oatmeal all considered bad carbs for your body. 

Spread carbohydrates out: Now that you know how important carbohydrates are it is very important to spread them out throughout the day don’t overload your body with them in one meal. Like we said before carbs help you stain fuller longer and maintain glucose levels balanced, so eating carbs throughout the day is a good way to maintain satisfaction and balance in your body. Start with whole-grain toast in the morning and follow it with vegetables throughout the day. 

Include fiber in your diet: By eating the correct amount of carbs in your diet you will add more fiber as well. Fiber also reduces high sugar spike in your glucose levels after a high carb meal. Fiber also maintains gut health which is very important for your digestive system. 

Being aware of what fast and slow carbs are is very important because you are able to choose the right food for your body. Putting the correct type of food into your systems helps you be more active and live longer, so now that you know what type of carbs are good for your body you won’t have to be afraid of carbs anymore.

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