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What exactly is done in duct and vent cleaning?

Are you noticing that your house is getting dustier than it ever used to be? Are you finding that the utility bills of yours are climbing high and that too every month? If you too are facing these problems then you should know about the real culprit. The real culprit here is the HVAC system components as well as dirty ductwork. If you are n living in an old house or has your house experienced a significant amount of water damage? In both of these cases, you quickly need to hire a reputable, duct cleaning company. It will help in cleaning the ductwork of the house. If you want to look for the best duct pipe cleaners then you can easily search for it online. For example, if you want to search for the best duct cleaner in Hamilton, then you can easily search for it on the internet by typingthe best air duct cleaning services in Hamilton

The major question that arises here is, how is the cleaning of the air duct done? The appropriate method for doing so is by using a negative pressure technology. Negative pressure duct cleaning technology is a very methodical, straight process which gives very clear and observable results, but there is a wide range of fly by night companies that have hampered the reputation of the industry pretty well.

Many times, it has happened with many people that the ducts of their house have been cleaned in and out and that too in a time interval of an hour and this might leave the duct with more amount of dust as well as dirt than has been cleaned. This might have left you leaving that, what has been done.

To make sure that this kind of negative experience doesn’t happen with people, there are legitimate contractors for duct cleaning and they are very eager to teach the homeowners about the standardized methods of duct cleaning.

In these procedures, it has been mentioned that how ducts could be properly cleaned along with the evaporator coils, air handlers, filters plenums along with every other component of the forced air HVAC system. The results that you’ll be getting, will be pretty much obvious.

When accredited contractors use these methods are popularly known as source removal techniques by NADCA. The process that is involved in this also includes cleaning the duct with the help of hands as well as compressed air tools and there is a vacuum collection device found here that extracts the dust as well as the debris that has been dislodged.

Here, we will tell you about how the industry of duct cleaning works.

  1. Inspection of the ducts

This process includes a simple visual inspection of the ducts leading to the return as well as supply registers, and this is important for two major reasons. The first is that it’s a step that can be taken by a person to assess the level of buildup that has been in the ducts beforehand. This helps in confirming the difference once the cleaning process has been completed.

The second is that professional cleaning of the duct is an opportunity for the technician to let him check-up for whether the ductwork is working clearly or not. They check for leaks in most pipes as well as kinks in the cases where there are flexible ducts.

2. Negative pressure needs to be created

The duct cleaning contractors, mostly use large as well as portable vacuum cleaning devices which come mounted on a truck. They suck the dirt as well as the debris out of the ductwork. There are a few preliminary steps that are mostly taken by the technicians before the suction is turned on and the ducts are scrubbed. The first thing that they need to do is, they should hook the hose of the vacuum collection device with the duct that is closer to the air handler which is just known as the heart of the HVAC system. The next thing that is needed to be done by the technician is sealing off reach register with an adhesive corner.

3. Agitating the dust

Once, the system goes under negative pressure, each of the registers will be uncovered by the technician and then each of the ducts would be cleaned one after another. One of the major differences that you’ll observe between a NADCA certified duct cleaning contractor and a fly by night is that the time taken by the former will be way more. 

4. Cleaning the rest of the system 

It is recommended by NADCA that the other parts of the HVAC system also need to be cleaned. This includes the evaporator coil, air handlers blower motor, drain pan, etc.  This is all the information that you needed to know regarding duct and vent cleaning. You should keep these things in mind the next time you go for a duct or vent cleaning. This will save you hard-earned money.