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What is Personal Protective Equipment and Why is it so Important?

For anyone that did not know about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the emergence of Covid-19 made us all aware of the need for personal protection. The Coronavirus has had devastating effects on all societies, with fatalities and global lockdowns in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, and PPE is suddenly an essential that you would not want to be without.

Examples of PPE

The following are included in the PPE category:

  • Head – Safety helmets and hairnets, while neck protection is sometimes required. Construction workers must wear a suitable hardhat, while welders and other metal workers are also at risk from heat.
  • Eyes – Goggles of various design are used in many industries, in order to protect the eyes. Prior to doing anything, one should assess the risks to the eyes, and anything moving at speed demands you wear protective eyeglasses.
  • Ears – When working in noisy environments, ear defenders are required. People who work on the ground at airports must wear ear defenders, as do operators of noisy machinery and tree surgeons when using chainsaws.
  • Hands & Arms – Many jobs demand hand protection, while the arms can be protected with leather strap-ons. Hygiene latex gloves such as the ones found at Happy Hands Gloves are ideal for all workplace environments during the Covid-19 pandemic, plus they have a range of other essential PPE items, all at affordable prices. The virus can remain on surfaces for a period of time, and wearing latex surgical gloves creates a barrier between your skin and the atmosphere, thus offering protection.
  • Footwear – Steel toe boots and other designs of industrial footwear protect the employee, plus good grip in all conditions is also essential for wet area workers. If you would like to find out about ways to boost mental clarity, here is a great blog.
  • Lungs & Respiratory Viruses – As we have found out to our cost, some airborne viruses are present and we must wear masks, and with online suppliers of PPE masks, you can place a bulk order to ensure that all your employees are adequately protected during the pandemic.


There are many types of Coronavirus, and Covid-19 seems to be adaptable and very resilient, showing up all over the world, and with a third wave predicted, we have no choice but to wear PPE. Of course, we all hope to return to normal, but even the experts are doubtful this would happen in the next few years, and in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we must all wear masks when in public. All businesses must follow strict government guidelines regarding contact with customers and general social distancing, and if you would like some further reading on how businesses can combat Covid-19, here is a link the UK government website.

Creating a Safe Working Environment

Even if your business does not involve face to face meetings with customers, you still have to ensure that the workplace is sterile, and with a simple Google search, you can source a local supplier of PPE at very affordable prices. Masks are essential, plus hand sanitiser and lots of dispensers, not to mention disinfectant and latex gloves, which are preferred as you do not lose that delicate touch when using your hands.

Government Support

Of course, taking all these Covid-19 precautions will cost money, and most governments are prepared to help with PPE costs and other expenses incurred due to Covid-19. Here is the UK government’s website regarding offering businesses Covid-19 support, which you should read carefully, as you will likely be able to receive financial support with the purchase of PPE. The global pandemic has hit every country hard, and this means that governments are doing what they can to ease the burden, especially for small businesses, which would otherwise fold and that would damage the economy.

Evaluate your Place of Work

If you have yet to do this, ask a staff member to list the PPE items currently used and assess the situation; are there adequate hand sanitisers? Do we have a good supply of face masks? If your employees are not wearing latex gloves, this should be a priority, and you could call a staff meeting to discuss PPE, which would result in a firm plan to ensure that the workplace is adequately equipped, as are the employees.

Online Solutions

If you are in need of PPE, a simple Google search will locate an established PPE supplier and they would deliver to your door, while observing social distancing guidelines, of course. It is advisable to have one staff member assigned to keeping a track of PPE supplies, re-ordering in time to ensure you never run out.

The use of PPE is extensive and with online suppliers, you have the perfect solution, and then you can relax, knowing that you are protecting your staff.