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What is the Best Clinic in Turkey to Get Your Teeth Done?

In the last decade, Turkey has achieved great results in the field of medical tourism including dental treatments. Over 1M international patients visit Turkey every year.

As a result, many people choose the country for dental procedures. Due to the growing demand, dental tourism in Turkey is becoming more and more popular. Below are the clinics that are worth considering for smile makeover.

Benefits of dental treatment in Turkey

Thousands of patients come to Turkey for dental treatment every year and every year the number of international patients in Turkish clinics is increasing. Most of them are mainly residents of the European Union and the CIS. 

Among the main advantages of dental treatment in Turkey are:

  • a wide range of dental clinics
  • highly qualified specialists
  • the most modern technologies and materials used
  • the affordable costs of dental services
  • short treatment time.

Reasonable prices are the most significant reason why dental tourists choose Turkish services. 50-75% is the average level of savings in the local medical centers compared to Western European and American ones. 

Top 5 clinics for dental care in Turkey

Turkey is a country with a great number of dental care providers. These are large dental clinics, small private offices, and special departments of multidisciplinary hospitals.

When choosing a clinic, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the range of services provided, the level of technical equipment, and patient reviews.

Bookimed, the medical tourism platform, represents a list of the leading dental clinics in Turkey. When compiling the ranking, the Bookimed team has taken into account the statistics of treatment success, the level of clinics’ equipment, the level of services.

Memorial Antalya Hospital

One of the best dental clinics in Turkey works on the premises of Memorial Antalya. The medical center is JCI-accredited that affirms the excellent quality of services here.

The clinic is a part of Memorial Healthcare Group that accepts 1.6M medical travelers. Memorial Antalya includes the International Department that provides medical tourists with logistic & language assistance, accommodation. 

DentaGlobal Clinic

1K dental care seekers choose DentaGlobal for treatment — 30% of them are from European countries. The local dentists guarantee the quality of their work: 3 years for crowns/bridges/veneers, 2 years for dental implants.

The modern equipment is applied by DentaGlobal specialists. Digital 3D X-Ray for laser procedures is available here. Laser dentistry is FDA approved and helps to achieve quite high results without complications. 

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

It is a leading Turkish center in the field of aesthetic procedures including dental ones. In particular, teeth veneers and dental implantation have increased in popularity.

About 4K international patients prefer to get their teeth done here — the majority is from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and other European states.       

Medipol Mega University Hospital

The Medipol Dentistry Departments specializes in tooth aesthetic and functional restoration. Almost 500K medical tourists choose Medipol for treatments each year — 90% of them are satisfied with medical services here.

The hospital has international JCI accreditation that confirms high-quality services and patients’ safety. 

Medicana Hospitals Group

It includes 12 comprehensive clinics in different parts of Turkey and employs 3.5K medical personnel. The Medicana team keeps international quality standards that are controlled by the local Ministry of Health and Joint Commission International.

More than 1M patients visit Medical every year. 87% of visitors are satisfied with healthcare services.  

What are the prices of dental care in the country?

The prices of tooth treatments in Turkey varies depending on the procedure type, the number of treated teeth, the material type and amount, the internal pricing in the clinic. 

According to, the average cost of dental services in Turkey are:

  • dental implant — $400-$1,600
  • veneers — $110-$4,800
  • All-on-4 — $1,900-$7,750
  • All-on-6 — $2,850-$12,000
  • tooth whitening — $110-$700
  • braces — $700-$2,200.

The prices are approximate and can change. Check the cost at the clinic or before scheduling a date and buying tickets.

How to arrange your dental trip to Turkey?

If you want to have your teeth treated in Turkey, but do not know which clinic to choose, we advise you to use the services of specialized platforms. There you can find specialized dental clinics in Turkey, specify the price in your particular place, select the dentist, and book the procedure date. 

Bookimed is a medical tourism marketplace that was established in 2014. For 6 years of practice, the Bookimed team has helped 500K people find the right treatment at the right price for free.

Today the platform cooperates with 600 clinics in more than 30 countries around the world. Here you can not only find all information needed but also consult with a coordinator (a person with medical education) who will answer your questions.