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What You Need to Know About Safety During COVID-19 When Heading to the Dentist

The world has been ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic with life changing immensely. These changes could be long-term or could fade away as a vaccine is created. The dental industry took a hard hit initially due to being classified as an unessential business for cleanings/minor procedures. Only major or emergency procedures were allowed to be done which led to mass layoffs. Most of the jobs were recovered as the revenue was simply delayed in many cases rather than lost like in the restaurant industry. The following are safety tips when visiting the dentist during COVID-19.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is a common requirement to enter a business in many states during this time. The last thing that you want is to contract the virus from someone not practicing safe social distancing guidelines. The mask will be able to come off when you are getting your cleaning or procedure. Masks are not comfortable but they do help curb the spread of this deadly virus. A number of people are asymptomatic so they show no signs of being sick which is a dangerous feature of this virus.

Early Appointments Might Matter

Heading to the dentist is rarely on the top of the list of things a person wants to do with a few hours of their day. Doing this in the morning can help you get in and out of the office quickly which is important. You do not want to come in later in the day as the waiting room could be contaminated. At family dental practices, you never know what part of a chair or room a child touched that a member of the staff didn’t disinfect. More proactive practices will have patients wait in their cars and eliminate the chances of contracting the virus in the waiting room.

Temperature Checks

Look for a dental office that is practicing in the safest matter as your health is on the line. Temperature checks before going back into the procedure area can help reduce risk. A practice that has a detailed guide on their website about operating safely like this Cary dentist provides peace of mind to patients. Temperature checks for staff as well are important as even those practicing social distancing have contracted the virus.

Disinfect Your Hands Multiple Times

The odds are that you do not want to wear latex gloves every single minute you are outside of your home. This means that you need to place a focus on washing your hands after you have been out in public. There is likely going to be hand sanitizer available at the dentist’s office so take advantage. You should also bring a small personal bottle so you can disinfect your hands when you exit.

Life is changed forever in many ways as people have lost long-term jobs but it is important to return to some kind of normalcy. Stay safe when you are heading to the dentist by practicing the habits above as it could save your life!

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