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Why Cycling is the Best Form of All-Round Exercise

There are many ways a person can stay fit and healthy; sports, weight training and jogging, to name but a few, yet the one activity that really does work all of the major muscle groups is cycling. This might be one of the reasons why bike riding has taken off here in Thailand, as more and more families take to two wheels and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Cycling combines two things; exercise and transportation, and because you are enjoying the nature experience, you are not focused on the physical exercise that is taking place.

Keeping Connected to Nature

We all need to have an earthly connection with Mother Nature and a weekly or daily bike ride will bridge that gap, and no matter how much pressure we face at work, we can recharge our batteries by riding through pristine countryside. Families regularly set off on their mountain bikes over the weekends, and riding through forests and trails makes you appreciate the wonders of nature, while also getting the exercise you need.

Cardio Workout

The great thing about cycling is you have complete control of your pace, and a brisk 25km ride will certainly get your heart rate up; whether you are a semi-pro road rider or a weekend enthusiast, you ride at your own pace. Once you become familiar with your riding style, you can push yourself when you’re ready, increasing the distance and speed to suit, and by varying your route, you will always have a new backdrop. Click here for a great blog on how to keep mental clarity, which we all need from time to time.

Building Stamina

Cycling is a great way to develop stamina, and with a few hills thrown in, you can create a long and punishing route to build up your stamina. Indeed, many sports pros cycle to keep their stamina levels high, and you could invest in a cycling machine for those rainy days. If a person who has never really exercised suddenly wants to get fit, with a structured plan, cycling is the perfect way to transform your body, and most riders quickly become addicted and ride whenever they can.

Hill Riding

This is only for the serious rider and breaking through that pain barrier can be tough, but if you want thighs of steel, hill climbing is for you. Of course, you have the downward leg, which is a kind of bonus, and if the wind is against you, it really is a gruelling experience ascending. There will come a time when you wish to challenge some gradients, and once you are out of your seat and pedalling away, the ordeal begins.

Exploring Natural Beauty

If you happen to live in Thailand, this green land is a paradise for cyclists, with warm temperatures and some of the best roads in South East Asia, and with online bike suppliers who have all the accessories, you can kit yourself out for cycling. Being out in the fresh air is great for your health, and long weekends are the perfect time to explore areas a little further away, and with a little planning, you can stay overnight in a small hotel and expand your boundaries. The best way to see Thailand is on a bike, and such is the popularity of biking in Thailand, there are hundreds of cycling clubs with many members,

Essential Clothing & Equipment

If you are going to ride on the public roads, you must wear hi-vis clothing, which helps other road users see you, plus you will need some sun protection, a good cycling helmet, shorts and top and a pair of thin cycling gloves. If you search online, you will find a single supplier for everything cycling related, and they would have the best brands at affordable prices. Here is a Thai government website all about road safety, which you should read if you are a foreigner.

Develop the Lower Body

While we like to use weights to build our upper torso muscles, the legs are often overlooked, yet cycling is the perfect exercise for the legs, as it develops both the thigh and the calf muscle. If you are one of those who dislike leg day in the gym, cycling is for you, and it’s a lot more fun than lifting weights. Cycling can be used in many ways; to build stamina, leg muscle mass, or simply to keep your fitness and stamina, plus you get to experience nature at its finest.

Many families have taken up cycling, as it is suitable for all ages, and with the right clothing and equipment, you can explore the natural beauty that surrounds you, while also developing your fitness and stamina.

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