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Why No One Is Talking About Street Vapes and the Man Put Into a Medically-Induced Coma

News outlets are focusing heavily on the number of recent vaping deaths. The death toll spiked to seven over the weekend, and more than 450 people are estimated to have suffered from a vape-related illness.

This all comes after years of people vaping.

New York’s Governor has banned flavored e-cigarettes and vape products. The backlash has been immense, and yet we still have cigarettes which are responsible for killing 480,000 people per year in the United States.

There’s new information coming out daily on the subject, and investigators are finding that many of the people who have died or taken ill have very high levels of vitamin E acetate. The oily substance is often used in black market, or street, vapes which contain THC. Manufacturers of the black-market products have started using vitamin E acetate as a thickener. The thickness of the product is often seen as an indicator of an authentic cartridge

The black-market products often have a thinner liquid, which is indicative of a low-quality product, so manufacturers thicken their substance to make it seem more “authentic.”

If you go back to July, you’ll find that street vapes should have been the cause for concern from the start. A 26-year-old in Wisconsin was put into a medically induced coma due to street vapes. These “Dank Vapes” are said to be the cause of the problem.

Dank Vapes is a black-market brand that has been very popular, and the man’s brother claims that it’s due to black-market vapes that his brother was put into a coma. You’ll find that the black-market brand has t-shirts and products all over social media.

Government officials claim that the Dank Vapes may be fake and pose serious risks to the end user. The company acts like a traditional cannabis company, but the company simply packages black-market products and sells them.

A lot of these products contain very high levels of myclobutanil, which releases toxic fumes when heated.

Why the Media is Blaming the Entire Industry

The entire vaping industry is under fire, and there are a few reasons for this. Politicians are using the deaths of just a handful of the 12 million people that vape to their advantage. Politicians are trying to win over voters, and the families of those that died will be all for a politician who puts an end to dangerous products.

The problem is that we know that 83% of people that have become ill or died from vaping used black-market THC products.

CNN even admitted that the black market was to blame, but even this claim cannot be made with 100% certainty. A very small percentage of people who have become sick claim that they received their product from a legal dispensary.

It’s difficult to tell because many patients don’t want to come forward out of fear of legal ramifications. Purchasing black-market products can have severe consequences and is not legal.

Health officials in over 30 states are trying to pinpoint the main cause of illness and death. The majority of the officials claim that black-market products are to blame, but they have yet been able to identify exactly what is the primary cause.

High levels of vitamin E acetate have been noted in almost all of the testing samples, and it seems like this substance is at least partly to blame for the rise in illness and death. 

The Wisconsin man who was put into a coma clearly states that he became sick after using street vapes. It’s a smoking gun that cannot be ignored, and any news outlets saying otherwise is trying to boost its ratings until health officials find otherwise.

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