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Why Online Therapy Is Needed More Than Ever

It’s an uncertain world out there. No matter what you think about COVID-19, it’s affecting business and causing much-needed stress, anxiety, and other troubles in your life. It’s not just about rushing to get toilet paper, either.

That’s why online therapy is needed more than ever. Let’s take a look at what online therapy is, what it can do for you, and how to get started.

Online Therapy

Online therapy is a service that lets you speak to a therapist or counselor remotely. You don’t need to visit their office or take a trip to talk to them.

Online therapy involves speaking to a therapist through your phone, tablet, desktop, or any other device you have. If you can talk remotely in any way, you can try online therapy.

This form of therapy can have just as many benefits as traditional therapy. For one thing, you’re talking to a therapist who is licensed with what they do.

For another, this licensed therapist can talk to you face-to-face through video chat, or be able to communicate through text and email, giving you more options.

Online therapy has had a history, with early forms being found in college campuses, but has recently hit the mainstream in the past decade. Due to the outbreak, it may be needed more than ever. It can help with problems such as:


You may be quite worried and uncertain about the future. While everyone has their worries, we live in a time where everything feels uncertain. Too much stress and worry, as you probably know, is not healthy for anyone. It can make it hard to sleep at night.

You may end up opening your phone and doing nothing but scroll until the break of dawn. Worry can make your mind cloudy and make it hard to focus.

That’s why speaking to a licensed therapist is so important. The importance of therapy and counseling is that it can help you worry less about what you can’t change.

You can take precautions to avoid this virus, but in the end, it has to pass on its own. Instead, a therapist can teach you how to control what you can change, and make those proper changes.


You may feel depressed over everything that is going on. If you have to stay home more, you could develop some depression due to cabin fever. For those who lost their job and have to take unemployment, you may feel depressed over that.

Online therapy is here to help with all problems relating to depression. You can treat depression by eating right, exercising, and getting outside (preferably away from people,) but you do need professional therapy for those chronic cases. An online therapist can help with this.

For Those Who Are Stuck Home

Many jobs are moving to remote locations, meaning that you may have to work from home. For some, working from home fits them like a glove, and for others, it can be one adjustment that is hard to do. While you work from home, you can talk to a therapist.

It’s also a good alternative to seeking help from a physical location. Depending on where you are, there may be a shutdown happening and you may be unable to go to an office.

Online therapy has therapists who operate from their home, making it a lot easier for you to get the help you need from your own household. You don’t have to worry about sessions being canceled due to offices closing down.

For Those Who Have a Hard Time Expressing Themselves

The socially awkward, or those who cannot speak, still need to express themselves, and online therapy is a better way to do it. Through text communication, those who have a hard time talking can speak to everyone much easier.

If you can speak, but don’t like a face-to-face conversation with strangers, voice messages can help with this. Online therapy giving you more communication options is always a good thing.

For Families and Relationships at Odds

One reason why we need online therapy more than ever is the fact that many relationships will be at odds with one another. Think about it. You may have to have your kids over all the time and it can be draining on you.

You and your family members, if you live together, may start to notice one another’s quirks more and end up driving each other off the wall.

It’s a time where we all have to unite, but that can feel like a daunting task when everyone is at each other’s throat. Online therapy can help with this problem and much more.

A couple’s therapist or family therapist can take care of individuals or groups, teaching them how to communicate properly and how to stick together when the world feels uncertain.

For Those Who Lack Money

Due to what is going on, some people may have less income. This can end up making the push to see a traditional therapist much more difficult. A therapist online can cost less money.

It usually costs weekly, you pay monthly, and you can cancel any time for any reason. For a traditional therapist, how much you pay can be a lot more and you may get less for what you pay.

Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

Many of us are worrying about our physical health right now, but our mental health is just as important, if not more so than our physical health.

A strong mind can help with disease, and as you age, it’s more important than ever. A therapist can teach you ways to improve your mental health and help get you to peak mental condition.

While these uncertain times continue, talk to someone who gives you certainty. Online therapy is well worth checking out for the sake of your mental health. Everyone needs someone to talk to, and a therapist can help you through these very trying times.

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