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How Your Small Business Can Start Attracting Top Talent

A small business might have a tough time attracting top talent when it compared to established corporations. The truth is that there are some qualified jobseekers that would rather work at a company due to its reputation than actually contribute/gain experience at a small business. This doesn’t mean that there are not ways to attract these quality hires but it will take some creativity. The flexibility of smaller companies needs to be leveraged as an offer could be accepted before an applicant gets through the 5 stages of a corporate hiring process. The following are tips that will help a small business start to improve their average quality of hire.

Create an Office that Impresses

Creating an office space that people enjoy coming to daily is important. Being able to impress a job applicant with the looks of the office does not mean you have to break the bank to renovate the space. Small things like looking up the right refinishing services in Charlotte can allow for the floors to look almost brand new. Reflooring an entire office can dry up cash flow while refinishing the same floor will be affordable. The seating arrangement even matters as applicants that have experience understand the importance of collaboration especially at a small business that doesn’t have a massive staff.

Remote Positions Available

The age of remote employees is upon us with this being pushed to further extremes with the Coronavirus pandemic. The top employees might not want to go into an office but are willing to take less in terms of compensation for a remote opportunity. Expanding the applicant geography can lead to finding potential hires that have the experience you need. Living in a city that is extremely competitive in terms of the job market could leave an extremely talented individual jobless due to interviewing poorly.

Intern to Hire Programs

Intern to hire programs can allow you to have a test employment period with an individual. Finding a college to feed into the program can be important as you should target relevant majors to the business. A graduate having a job lined up is worth its weight in gold so make sure the process for applying is thorough. Being able to see how a person fits into the culture of an office can make for a smooth transition into full-time employment.

Look into Other Industries for Applicable Skills

Sales is the job role that can transfer from one product/service to another. Most of the time all a great salesperson needs to learn is the product and what the rest of the market has to offer. Those that were college athletes can be great hires due to their ability to take direction and work successfully in a team environment. A hiring strategy cannot be based on finding hidden gems so a demonstrated ability to succeed in multiple roles is important. Small businesses need versatile employees as a role could change vastly or turn into a new role depending on the needs of the company.

Above are just a few of the many tips to attract top employees in an industry even if you are at a small business. Take the time to hone your hiring processes if you feel like you continually hire the wrong people. 

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