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Credit help and advice needed

So this is kinda a story that I will try to keep as short as possible. Thank you in advance to those who decide to chime in, all advice is appreciated! Sorry for any typos as I am on my phone and I'm at break so trying to make this quick

I am 24 years old. Last January I decided a military career wasnt the path for me and i got out of the marine corps. Years of bad decisions with my credit card and checking line of credit put me into about 8k in debt. No big deal I was making my monthly payments and paying my Bill's on time. Well I wasnt prepared for what was about to happen. I had no savings as some issues came up where issues gear was stolen from me and i had to pay out of pocket for it. So i get out of the marine corps and have to stay with a friend for some time because I couldn't even afford gas to get home (another state) the October before I had got out I bought a brand new 2016 Chevy Malibu for 22k with complete intentions of staying in the military. Well being out at the time and no job, I fell behind on my new car, phone, internet, both credit lines, 2 personal loans I had taken out to try to live on. My credit dropped from a 742 to just under a 400. Fast forward to today. My credit is now a 503. And hasn't moved a point. I'm currently paying off my car (took a settlement) and only owe 2k on it now. Making 1500$ car payments to keep it. Paying 250 towards my credit lines. I dont have the best situation at home cause I take care of my mom and little brother and just got married. I rent a 2 bedroom apartment for all of us. I will soon have all my debts paid by January working 76 hours a week. I figured paying those balances down would jump my credit at least a little bit. Well it hasn't. I cant apply for anything. Not even a normal checking account. I got denied that at a credit union. I tried secured credit cards and they wont allow me to get one unless I have an account with them. Which I cant do. I'm so lost. Trying to over come this has been the hardest thing so far cause as a newly married couple I want to give her everything she wants and more. A house. A car. I cant even get a VA mortgage without at least a 620 credit score. I do understand that all this is my fault from being irresponsible. I take full fault for my situation so save those comments please. Any suggestions?

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