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Paradocks, The Cottage

The one and only …

We bought a cottage.

I’m not bragging. Okay, yeah, I’m bragging a little bit. But I’m also really just wanting to share my good news.

We bought the place exactly one year and two weeks ago. It wasn’t cheap, but we had two houses and we sold one of them and after the mortgage on that house was paid off we put much of the remainder towards the cottage  and that helped a lot.

And it’s called Paradocks!

Funny, right? It was my idea.

And there’s only the one dock here. When people ask me about that I just look them in the eye with a straight face and tell them, “That’s the paradox.”

But it isn’t

In reality, the paradox of owning a cottage is that the mortgage on it is stressful. And since it’s supposed to be a place of relaxation, stress is the wrong thing you want it to be causing.

Additionally, you either need two of everything or you have to carry lots of stuff back and forth. It’s damned lucky for me that my office is actually kept in a backpack.

The truth is that there are things that you need two of and things you can carry back and forth.

Hauling stuff …

Food, for instance is not the sort of thing you can just leave for a couple of weeks at the cottage and expect on your return to find in the good condition you left it in.

And tools? Some of them are pretty expensive. Yet, once you have them you don’t want to do without them when doing repairs, maintenance and upgrades. So you haul the expensive ones with you when you think you’ll need them and have two of the less expensive things.

So Paradocks it is

Admittedly, the name didn’t receive immediate acceptance when I first suggested it, but I offered to entertain other suggestions and none were brought forward.

And the thing is it fits.

A life with ADHD is a life with paradoxes. And such a life requires a lot of contemplation. And contemplation is best achieved on a hammock by the water looking out over the dock on the bay where you just were swimming.

So …

The paradox of the cottage is that, since I have ADHD and likely won’t figure out how to relax, slow down, or take it easy any time soon … what do I need a cottage for?

Well, I don’t know now that you ask me.

But I’m just going to hang out here and think about that. I’ll let you know if I come up with any answers.

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